On yesterday’s General Hospital, Patrick became jealous after seeing Robin and Jason together.  Nikolas tries to stop Sam and Lucky from having an affair but he is too late.  Elizabeth seems to accept that her marriage is over and Emily hurries to Jason to try to convince him to tell Liz how he really feels.

Lucky returns home after his affair with Sam.  Elizabeth doesn’t ask where he’s been and Lucky tries to tell her instead.  Kate tries to piece together what happened the previous night.  Trevor says he’s the only who can get Kate out of her troubles.  He tells her to do what he says and Sonny tells him to stop threatening her.

Lucky tries again to tell Liz where he was but she won’t take the bait.  Jason tells Emily he can’t have Elizabeth because he cannot keep her safe no matter how hard he tries.  Spinelli tells Georgie that Lulu won’t give up Logan to Maxie without a fight.  Good timing, Lulu answers the door at Logan’s to find Maxie standing there.  Trevor tries to strong arm Kate into making Sonny leave the hospital.  Sonny accuses Trevor of being the one to drug her.

Trevor and Sonny engage in a battle of words with Kate stuck in the middle.  She finally admits to Sonny that Trevor threatened to end her career unless she called things off with him.  Sam defends herself to Nikolas, saying that Elizabeth doesn’t even care about Lucky.  When Elizabeth won’t react to Lucky, he becomes angry and says he doesn’t have to accept her friendship with Jason.

Georgie tells Spinelli to take Lulu off the pedestal.  It’s about time!  Logan tells Maxie that he and Lulu will be living together.  Before leaving, Maxie takes one last shot and fills in Lulu about the bet.  Sam calls out Nikolas for his own affair.  He tells her to at least try to have some respect for Lucky’s family.  Lucky is angered when the only reason Elizabeth gives for staying away from Jason is for the safety of their children.  Spinelli drowns his sorrows in vodka.

Maxie gives Lulu details that she could have only known had she been in the closet watching her and Logan together.  Lulu grabs her things and storms out of his apartment.  Kate tells Trevor that she will fight to keep her career.  On his way out, he gets a phone call that Johnny Zacchara, Anthony’s son, is heading for Port Charles.

Spinelli asks Jason for the secret to mending a broken heart and Jason says there is no secret.  Elizabeth tells Lucky when they got married, she could never imagine breaking up.  She says she’s willing to try unless he tells her it’s too late.  Kate tries to rush out of the hospital to take care of her personal business but Sonny tells her to get back into bed, saying he’ll take care of Trevor.

Kate has a hard time believing that Trevor was capable of drugging her.  Lucky and Elizabeth’s situation is a painful remind of what Nikolas and Emily have gone through, and they are grateful that they managed to find their back to each other.  As Sam is thinking back on her night with Lucky, she is interrupted by Maxie.  The both tell each other they’ve done something stupid.

Logan shows up looking for Lulu and Spinelli seizes the moment and punches him in the face.  You know some of you GH fans loved that!  Nikolas becomes upset on the phone and trashes his office.  When Emily runs over to see what happened, he tells her that everything is fine.  Maxie expresses guilt over what she did to Lulu.  Lucky and Elizabeth try to find a starting point to fix their relationship.

Logan explains to Jason and Spinelli why Lulu is upset.  Jason tells him to stay away from her.  Lulu gets picked up by a hitchhiker, heading anywhere but Port Charles.  The hitchhiker happens to be Johnny.  Johnny Zacchara.  Of all the luck … or lack there of.

On tomorrow’s General Hospital,  Jason shows up at Lucky’s house.  Maxie tells Georgie what she’s done.  Logan can’t find Lulu.

– Gina Scarpa, BuddyTV Staff Writer
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