It’s CBS, so it’s boring.  Sure, there are a fair share of CBS shows that I will watch religiously, but for a non-procedural drama fan, the pickings are slim.  CBS is a successful network because they know its audience and cater directly towards them.  At this morning’s upfront presentation, CBS unveiled its fall schedule, and the surprises were minimal.  The network introduced five new series, which we will discuss below, and they all seem to fit in well with the network as a whole.  Bubble shows How I Met Your Mother and The New Adventures of Old Christine have survived – Moonlight has not.  Below you will find the full CBS Fall schedule, plus a look at each of CBS’s new series.

8pm: The Big Bang Theory
8:30pm: How I Met Your Mother
9pm: Two and a Half Men
9:30 pm: Worst Week
10pm: CSI: Miami

8pm: NCIS
9pm: The Mentalist
10pm: Without a Trace

8pm: The New Adventures of Old Christine
8:30pm: Project Gary
9pm: Criminal Minds
10pm: CSI: NY

8pm: Survivor
9pm: CSI:
10pm: Eleventh Hour

8pm: Ghost Whisperer
9pm: The Ex List
10pm: Numb3rs

8pm: Crimetime Saturday
10pm: 48 Hours Mystery

7pm: 60 Minutes
8pm: The Amazing Race
9pm: Cold Case
10pm: The Unit

New Fall Shows:

The Mentalist
Simon Baker stars in this new drama about a detective known for his keen observational skills.  He heads up an investigative team, but often gets in trouble for his outlandish, and egotistical ways.

Eleventh Hour
The Jerry Bruckheimer produced drama stars Rufus Sewell as a genius biophysicist who works for the government and investigates worldwide abuses of science and technology. 

The Ex-List
This dramedy stars Elizabeth Reaser about a single woman in her thirties who visits a psychic and learns this: that she has already dated her future husband, but if she doesn’t go back and find him, she’ll lose him forever. 

Worst Week
This comedy is about a magazine editor who is attempting to marry the daughter of a conservative family.  Every time he visits his future in-laws, disaster ensues. 

Project Gary
Jay Mohr and Paula Marshall star as divorced parents who share custody of their two kids  and try to navigate the difficult post-divorce world. 

New Mid-Season Show:

Harper’s Island
During a private wedding on an island off the coast of Seattle, a serial killer is on the loose in this serialized horror show.


I could not be more excited to have The Amazing Race back. 

I’m searching for any big story here, but CBS released a remarkably boring schedule. 

Worst Week and The Ex List sound terrible, everything else fits with the CBS vibe.

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-Oscar Dahl, BuddyTV Senior Writer
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