Here’s your BuddyTV High Five: The five big moments and questions from today’s episode of General Hospital.

In today’s episode, Maxie rushed to Spinelli’s defense. While Maxie was pleading with Jason to help her get the real Spinelli back, Jackal PI was busy angering the most dangerous man in town. Sonny had no patience for this new version of Spinelli and told him that if he did not get the misplaced 20 million dollars back, Sonny would no longer have any use for him. Later, Maxie arrived and asked Sonny to promise he would not hurt Spinelli, arguing that Sonny owed her one for the times she has stepped up for him. Jackal PI eavesdropped on their conversation and caught his favorite dame in a compromising position with the mob boss.

High Five Highlights:

5. Helena was up to her old tricks. Lucky accused Helena of faking the original DNA results so she could raise Lucky’s son as a Cassadine and finally take her revenge against the Spencer clan. Helena claimed Elizabeth was the one who tampered with the results and expressed her disappointment that Lucky is still so blind when it comes to his ex-wife.

4. Dante tried to keep Lulu out of danger. Once Dante finally caught up with his girlfriend, he asked her not to return to the brothel because is it too dangerous. But Lulu has her father’s stubbornness and when she showed up for her new job, Dante offered to pay double for Lulu’s time in order to keep her away from the rest of the clientele.

3. Per Maxie’s suggestion, Jason asked Sam about their future. Though Jason stumbled over his words, Sam eventually figured out that he was trying to talk to her about marriage. Is there a wedding in this super-couple’s future?

2. Elizabeth was horrified when she realized her mistake. Matt told Elizabeth that there was an inventory of the OR after the surgery and the medication he ordered for Siobhan was never given. Elizabeth realized she was the one who made the error that could have cost Siobhan her life and she could be found guilty of malpractice.

1. I almost killed your wife! Elizabeth told Lucky about what she did during Siobhan’s surgery and while Lucky was very understanding, Elizabeth feared other people might assume she gave Siobhan the wrong medication on purpose because she was trying to get rid of Lucky’s new wife.


– Would you like to see Sam and Jason tie the knot?

– Do you agree with Helena that Elizabeth is Lucky’s weak-spot?

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