It’s all change for the folks at Dillon, as Friday Night Lights begins its fourth season.  Season 4 sees most of the current crop graduating and leaving for college, and the town gets split into two new school districts.  Expect new faces, new problems, and a potential rivalry as season 4 of Friday Night Lights takes a look at how things change, but how other things remain the same.

Friday Night Lights season 4 airs on NBC on Friday nights from 8pm. You can always check back here for the latest updates and episode guides.


Episode 4.01 “East of Dillon”
Eric starts a new team over at East Dillon, and faces obstacles from outside and inside the team. Tami copes with the changing atmosphere over at Dillon. Tim and Matt deal with life after graduating. Recap >>

Episode 4.02 “After the Fall”
Eric tries to raise the Lions’ spirits just as he gets a new player, thanks to a controversy over at Dillon. Tami makes an unpopular stand. Tim is kicked out of Billy and Mindy’s house. Recap >>

Episode 4.03 “In The Skin of a Lion”
Tensions rise between new Lions Luke and Vince. Eric’s handling of a financial situation leads to him breaking Tami’s trust. Recap >>

Episode 4.04 “A Sort of Homecoming”
It’s homecoming week at East Dillon, and Eric takes advantage of the situation by learning more about his new town. The boosters go after Tami, and Jess gets attention from both Landry and Vince. Recap >>

Episode 4.05 “The Son”
The community helps Matt deal with the death of his father, who was deployed in Iraq. As the Lions start to get it together, Vince puts his career on the line, and Tim gets closer to Becky. Recap >>

Episode 4.06: “Stay”
Eric devises a strategy to help the Lions defeat their toughest opponent yet. Tim reconnects with Lyla, Julie and Matt enter a critical moment in their relationship, and Vince discovers his affinity for stealing cars. Recap >>

Episode 4.07 “In The Bag”
Coach names Vince quarterback of the Lions, as Luke suffers an injury. Julie continues to struggle with Matt’s sudden departure, Tim faces Becky’s dad, and Landry makes a move on Jess. Click here for more.

Episode 4.08 “The Toilet Bowl”
Coach tries to determine East Dillon’s problems. Jess takes the next step in her relationship with Landry, Luke’s injury worsens, and Tim makes a risky decision. Click here for more.

Episode 4.09 “The Lights of Carrol Park”

Coach encounters shady characters as he takes a tough stance against a problem-riddled part of town. Becky discovers she’s pregnant, and Julie makes a new friend. Click here for more.

Episode 4.10 “I Can’t”
Tim connects Becky with Tami, as Luke’s parents deal with the pregnancy. Julie asks her new friend to dinner; Eric is urged to change his tactics, and Vince’s mom faces a health emergency. Click here for more.

Episode 4.11 “Injury List”
As the Lions try to focus on their game, Luke’s career is threatened. Tami’s actions puts her in a tight spot, Julie gets an unexpected call from Matt, and Vince’s deal with Kennard bites back. Click here for more.

Episode 4.12 “Laboring”
Coach benches Luke before the big Panthers-Lions game. Tami faces her critics, Vince seeks revenge for his friend’s death, and the Riggins brothers adapt to changing circumstances. Click here for more.

Episode 4.13 “Thanksgiving”
The Taylors host Thanksgiving dinner. Eric advises Vince to act more selfishly; a visitor surprises Julie and Landry; Tim makes a tough call. Click here for more.

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