Keith Berman, who had a fling with Bachelor contestant Corinne Olympios two years ago, reveals what it’s like to date the season 21 villain. Is she really “batsh*t crazy in real life”? While most exes throw shade at each other, Keith sings praises to his former flame. 

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“Let me be the first to say she’s got you all eating out of the palms of her hands,” Keith wrote in his Live from the Gutter blog. “You think Corinne doesn’t know exactly what she’s doing?! HA! She’s been playing this game her whole life, now she’s just doing it on national TV.”

Keith then recalls that Corinne also came on to him aggressively just as she did with Nick Viall on The Bachelor— which according to Keith is huge turn on for guys. And though she may come across as dumb on TV, she has way more depth in real life. 

“What else explains how we would speak on the phone for hours about global warming, women’s rights, and the current state of foreign affairs! (Ok not really, but we would speak for hours about god knows what!) She may not be the smartest girl in the world but she plays to her strengths of being flirty, energetic, sexyyy, and a ton of fun,” he wrote.

“If you think this show is about true love you’ve been living in the GUTTER….The Bachelor in 2017 is just an all-girl-spinoff of SURVIVOR!” he continued. “The further you survive…. the more Internet Famous you get! Corinne started with 3,000 Instagram followers before the show, by the time I publish this article she’ll have over 100,000!”

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Keith points out that Corinne comes out as the winner whether or not she gets picked by Nick. 

“Worse case scenario she could be a Fit Tea model for life, she’s set! Like it or not everything that comes out of her mouth is ridiculous…..ABC knows they have a goldmine on their hands.”

Keith then goes on to call Corinne a Bachelor legends for pulling off a move that nobody has ever done in the entire history of The Bachelor.

“She skipped the rose ceremony!!! Corinne is now a BACHELOR LEGEND!!!” he wrote.

Towards the end of his blog post, Keith teased that Corinne may be sticking around longer than her haters might have wished. 

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Dean Bextor

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