Flash Gordon has generated mixed reviews ever since Sci Fi decided to adapt its own live action version of the 1930s comic.  In fact, cast member Karen Cliche is very much aware of the occasional off-putting but has some insights about the show that will hopefully entice viewers to stick around the season.

Cliche, who currently plays Baylin on Flash Gordon, says that she understands the sentiments of spectators since she has already worked on many science fiction projects before like Mutant X, Young Blades and Vampire High.

“It’s funny because I had done some sci-fi and a lot of genre stuff before this, so I knew what to expect.  I think the other cast members maybe were a little bit optimistic and maybe even naïve about it. But I was holding my breath, not because I didn’t believe in the show, but because I knew that when you take something that people have known about and loved for so long, and you re-do it. It’s like your mother’s favorite recipe and someone does it but changes all these things in it, people get angry, I know I do, and so at first there’s a resistance to it and all you want to do is criticize it, and sure it may have its fault, but I think as the episodes get better.  I think that if people stop criticizing it for what they think it should have been and just look at it for what it is, I think they may learn to enjoy it more than they are.  And some people are, of course the negative is always what’s heard the loudest.  You know I’m used to this, I’m used of shows being trashed and spoken of negatively, but I think people will get used to it and will learn to love it more,” she told thescifiworld.com.

At present, she is currently filming episode 13 of the series and says that she is pleased with how the storylines have developed and how her bounty hunter character has progressed.

“I think they got a lot better and I think the whole cast is really happy about the scripts that are coming out, for several reasons: the stories are getting better, the writers are getting to know our characters and as actors what we can do best, and what our forte’s are, so we’re really happy with the scripts and the development of the characters and where things are going and we just… we’re filming an episode right now where there’s a big twist that happens and we’re like ‘No this is too soon, I can’t believe this person finds out about Mongo!’ and they do so that’s interesting, half way through the series there’s a big change, a big twist in the show.  We’re really happy about that, they’re taking it into a really exciting direction, and I like where my character is going so that’s good,” she said.

“The show gets better and everybody’s characters become very well-written and everybody gels so well together, I think the show just gets better and better, and I hope that people keep watching it and give it a chance, and see it for what it really is, and I think it’s a really great show, we believe in it, so we hope that everybody else will too,” she added hoping to convince detractors to give the show a chance.

Flash Gordon airs every Friday at 9/8c on Sci Fi.

-Kris De Leon, BuddyTV Staff Columnist

Source: thescifiworld.com
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Kris De Leon

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