CW president Mark Pedowitz shared the network’s plans to add popular DC character Flash to its hit series Arrow, plus more details about the planned Supernatural spin-off, at this week’s Television Critics Association Press Day.

Arrow to Introduce Flash in Season 2

First up, E! Online reports that the creative team over at CW’s Arrow is set to introduce Dr. Brett Allen, aka the Flash, in the show’s second season. They are hoping that Flash will be popular enough to eventually get a spin-off of his own, CW president Mark Pedowitz revealed at the panel. “He’ll appear sometime this fall and then onward into next year,” Pedowitz said.

Pedowitz shared some details about the casting process for the role of Flash, which could end up going to a newcomer or a known actor. “I’m from the old school and I think TV creates stars,” he said. “So if we get a name, great; if we don’t get a name he’ll become a name.”

If you’re a fan of Flash, don’t think that mean you’ll automatically know how he’ll be portrayed in this new version. In fact, there’s no guarantee that he’ll have super powers. “There’s a big DC universe where super-powered characters do intersect and don’t intersect,” he says. “But remember, it’s an origin story so he may not come in with superpowers.” 

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Black Canary Coming to Arrow Season 2

Pedowitz also revealed that Black Canary will indeed be introduced next season and that she’ll be played by Caity Lotz. Wait? What about Laurel becoming Black Canary? Well, it looks like the show might be going in a different direction. Though Pedowitz was also quick to point out that anything was still possible with the two characters.

“I hope [Lotz] brings a certain amount of conflict since she’s playing the sister of Laurel Lance,” he revealed. In fact, Pedowitz wouldn’t even confirm that she actually will be the Black Canary. “It’s an origin story. I don’t know if this character is the Black Canary or not the Black Canary, so it is in origin story. But remember, Laurel Lance was the Black Canary in the DC universe.”

Is anyone else as confused as I am? 

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Anyway, moving on to some less-confusing news about the new Supernatural spin-off.

More News About the Supernatural Spin-off: Female Characters Possible

Though the story broke last week, the details of the new series were few and far between. The Huffington Post reports that Pedowitz shared more information at the panel about what fans can expect from the spin-off. The show will apparently be set in Chicago and the pilot will air as part of Supernatural’s ninth season.

Which characters will appear on the show isn’t clear yet, as there is different information coming in from different sources. Pedowitz said at the panel that there weren’t “any plans for [regular] characters on Supernatural to be on the spin-off.”

But in another interview for EW, Executive producers Robert Singer said, “Most spin-offs, you spin characters out and create a show about them. Jared and Jensen will be in the spin-off, but it’s an entirely different cast of characters,” Singer said.

Either way, it looks like some of the characters will be female. When asked if the new series would have female characters, Pedowitz said, “Hopefully, depends how they craft the show.”

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Supernatural Season 10 and Beyond

In other good news, it looks like there may be plans for a Supernatural Season 10 and beyond. “I would love Supernatural to continue for as long as they can continue, as long as they have great stories to tell,” Pedowitz said at the pen. “From what I’ve read, Jeremy Carver is writing arcs that could go longer. As long as fans are there and ratings are there, there’s no reason it couldn’t continue … If they can still tell great stories and Jared and Jensen still want to do it, why wouldn’t you continue?” 

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What do you think of the news about Flash, Black Canary and the Supernatural spin-off? Which bit of news has you the most excited for the fall TV season?

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