Felicity Jones was born in 1984 and is a graduate of Wadham College, Oxford. She is the voice of Emma on the long-running BBC Radio show, The Archers. She has appeared on television in programs like Treasure Seekers, The Worst Witch, Weirdsister College and Servants. Jones also plays the lead character Fanny Price in the TV adaptation of Jane Austen’s Northanger Abbey.

Zoe Brogan, played by Felicity Jones on Meadowlands, is the stunning 17-year old daughter of Danny and Evelyn Brogan. She is stronger than her male twin, Mark, in more ways than one. She is often the object of men’s fancy and she uses that to her advantage. Behind her tough and independent facade, Zoe also has her share of fears and anxieties. She is often hard at work, trying to find ways to bring her parents closer to one another.

Felicity Jones

(Photos courtesy of Showtime)