For those who binged on the Fear the Walking Dead Flight 462 webisodes, the fate of the plane as well as Alex and Jake are revealed in this episode, “Ouroboros.” But just how is the group affected by the crash? And Daniel tells Madison about what he found in Strand’s case.

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Flight 462

There are just a few survivors of Flight 462 after it crashes on the coast of California, including Alex and Jake. Alex is very protective of Jake, who is very badly burned after the crash. They get on a lifeboat with a few other survivors but are the only two who eventually get onto shore.

One of the victims gets caught in the ship’s water intake. Travis goes under the ship and finds the walker victim. He tells Strand it will take at least a day to free the walker and fix the clogged pipes. Strand is not happy, as he will be at least a day behind wherever he is supposed to be.

While they work on the ship, Alicia sees all of the suitcases from the crash on the beach. Daniel agrees to take Nick, Alicia and Chris ashore to search for food, clothes and medicine, as Ofelia ran out of her antibiotics.

On the shore, they score some good finds. Chris heads off on his own, despite Daniel’s instructions. He finds a section of the plane and heads inside, where there are two walkers and one survivor. Chris easily takes care of the walker, but when he tries to help the survivor, he realizes that the man’s spine is broken, as in sticking out of his back. The man begs Chris to put him out of his misery, and Chris struggles with his choices. Eventually, he kills the man.

As Daniel and Alicia go looking for Chris, Nick stumbles over a ledge and manages to save himself from one walker. But more start piling over the ledge. Meanwhile, Daniel runs into Alex, who is running for her life from all of the plane crash walker victims. And Alicia finds Chris at the plane. They hear gunshots and find Daniel and Alex surrounded by walkers. Just when they are backed into a corner, Nick arrives, covered in walker blood, to save them. A classic Walking Dead move. As they head back to their boat, Alex says they have to make one more stop to get Jake.

Strand’s Plan

Before leaving for shore, Daniel mentions to Madison how he found maps of Mexico in Strand’s chest. He asks Madison to question Strand about his plans. So while Travis is working to get the ship up and running, Madison confronts Strand.

Of course, Strand gets defensive, claiming that no one trusts him. But then he tells Madison that in Baja, there’s a house in the hills. It has food supplies, its own water filtration system and concrete walls. He said it’s the only safe place and it’s a sound plan. Eventually, they agree to be on the same side, but Madison warns that she will throw him overboard if he even looks at her family the wrong way.

Travis questions Madison’s sudden trusting of Strand but realizes they don’t really have a choice anymore. Once everyone is back on the ship, Madison lets them know about Strand’s plan to go to Mexico. Of course, there are questions and doubts, but Travis and Madison assure everyone that it’s a good plan.

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No Dead Weight

Of course, Strand is not happy that the group comes back to the ship with two more passengers, Alex and Jake. He wants to leave them, so Travis finally suggests that they tow them behind the ship. A sort of happy medium. Strand, of course, is still not happy. As they start up the ship, Madison gives Alex and Jake supplies for their raft. But as they get moving, Strand comes out and cuts the raft loose, much to Madison’s dismay.

More Secrets

There’s not a lot of trust going around on Fear the Walking Dead. And there are a lot of secrets. But I guess that’s to be expected. Daniel doesn’t want to tell anyone that Ofelia’s wound is infected. And he doesn’t want to ask for help either. He just wants to worry about the two of them.

Strand keeps making phone calls to someone, assuring them he will be there soon. But is it really Baja? Is there really some fortified home? And will he really let everyone in with him? Something tells me he could just leave everyone for good once the ship docks.

Travis and Madison don’t see eye to eye often, but it makes me believe they don’t even trust each other sometimes. But I guess in a post-apocalyptic world, things can get hairy.

And something happens to Nick after he falls off the ledge. He manages to cover himself in walker blood to blend in, but did he get bit? He assures Alicia he’s fine, but his eyes say otherwise.

Chris has a tough moment. He is still so angry at his father for killing his mother. But then he’s forced to make the same choice. I wonder how he will deal with this and if it will bring him closer to Travis or continue to pull them apart.

Whatever everyone’s hiding, I think it’s time to get off the boat. They can only stay on the water for so long before running out of gas and supplies.

Fear the Walking Dead airs Sundays at 9pm on AMC.

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