It seems people still hold grudges in the zombie apocalypse. Turns out, it’s not really cool to just let people float on inflatable rafts in the ocean. Even if you provide them with supplies, if they survive they’re going to go after you. And now Travis and the group on Fear the Walking Dead have learned this the hard way in this episode, “Captive.” As Alicia makes an escape plan with Jack off of Connor’s ship, Travis learns it was Alex from Flight 462 who gave up information about the Abigail. Meanwhile, Daniel gains information from Reed about his group, as Madison turns the ship around to rescue her family.

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A Scorned Woman

The leader of the group that kidnapped Alicia and Travis, Connor, cooks Alicia a nice meal to get to know her. He’s called away when the ship loses power briefly, so Alicia runs around until she finds an unlocked door, which leads to the front of the ship, where she learns it’s docked in a fishing bay. Jack finds her and explains the rules of the ship, that everyone has a purpose. Connor wants her to track incoming ships on the radar and make radio contact with them, since she was so good at that the first time around. When they realize the Abigail is moving in pretty quickly, Alicia worries that her family was killed. She then gets Jack to agree to make an escape so they can find her family.

Under the ship, Travis is being held in a cell. He gets a visit from Alex, the flight attendant from Flight 462. The last time he saw her was when Strand cut her raft loose from the Abigail. She tells Travis about how she had to strangle Jake before he turned. She also explains how Connor found her and asked what she had to offer. She offered up intel on the Abigail in exchange for a place on his ship. They chat a little bit more, as Travis offers up information about how he had to kill his ex, Liza, explaining how they are more alike than she thinks. While she agrees, she still leaves him in the cell.

Rescuing Her Family

Back on the Abigail, Daniel tends to Reed’s wounds, as he still has a pipe sticking out of him. As Reed makes threats, Daniel just listens and gets information about Connor and the ship’s location. Chris just looks on, feeling guilty for not just shooting at Connor when he walked on the Abigail. Daniel tells Chris to keep watch over Reed, but not to engage him.

Daniel tells Madison where to go to rescue Travis and Alicia. Luis is not happy, as he feels time is running out to get into Mexico with Strand. However, Madison says she won’t go anywhere without her family. When Strand tries to interject and side with Luis, Madison reminds him that she saved his life. Strand agrees to give Madison half a day to find her family. Though Luis is still concerned about getting the whole group into Mexico, Strand says they will figure it out.

Connor radios over to the Abigail as it gets closer, thinking that Reed is in command. He’s not too pleased when Madison radios back. She makes a deal with Connor to trade Reed for her family. He reluctantly agrees.

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Making the Trade

Just as the deal is made, they hear a gunshot on the ship. Ofelia finds Chris holding a gun. He claims that Reed was going to turn, so he had to shoot him. Now the plan to make the trade gets a little tricky. Madison assures Chris that everything is going to be okay, and Chris just needs reassurance that he did the right thing.

Ofelia and Nick question whether Reed was actually going to turn or not as they clean up. And soon, Reed wakes up as a walker. Quick-thinking Daniel stakes walker Reed to a wall, as he realizes they can still make the trade.

Madison loads up her raft with walker Reed, despite Nick insisting that he go instead. Up on the pier, they make the trade with Travis and walker Reed. And, of course, as Connor takes the bag off Reed’s head, he attacks and kills Connor. After a brief struggle with Connor’s men, Travis and Madison get on the raft.

Alicia, not knowing about the trade, goes looking for Travis. She has a brief struggle with the pregnant girl and then heads to the front of the ship again. She sees Madison and Travis on the pier. Jack finds Alicia and begs her to stay with him. But she chooses her family and jumps to the raft below.

Finding Their Place

So it seems that Alicia isn’t that dumb after all. She was working Jack to see her family; she just isn’t quick enough yet. There’s not enough time in the apocalypse to lay groundwork. It’s a lot of quick thinking, especially in a captive situation. But everyone managed to make it out alive.

I’m glad it wasn’t Alicia’s fault for the intrusion by Connor and his crew. I like that there seems to be a lot of consequences for the actions and/or mistakes Madison and Travis make. Though Strand cut Alex loose, Travis knows he should have been more vocal about letting her onto the Abigail.

I wish Madison would see that her son is very useful and resourceful. Strand tried talking some sense into Madison, explaining what a valuable asset Nick is, but she doesn’t want to face the fact that her son is growing up. She still sees him as a drug addict who needs her help, but he seems to be adjusting to this world the best right now.

And Chris is a loose cannon. He is struggling to find his place and he’s making all the wrong choices. If Reed hadn’t turned, the outcome at the trade would have been very, very different. Perhaps Madison and Travis should spend more time worrying about Chris and less time worrying about how Alicia and Nick are doing, as those two seem to be just fine.

I am eager to find out if the group gets to Mexico and what happens when they do. Or maybe they can just stay on the ship forever.

Fear the Walking Dead airs Sundays at 9pm on AMC.

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