In this episode of The Originals season 3, “Where Nothing Stays Buried,” Team Mikaelson is still reeling from Cami’s death when they learn of Davina’s situation. While Elijah and Freya stay behind to help Marcel and Kol find a way to save Davina, Klaus and Hayley head for the bayou to thwart Lucien’s latest plan.

Meanwhile, Davina has to deal with the Ancestors, someone close to the family turns against them, and Freya’s actions lead to two more deaths.

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The Plan to Save Davina

As the episode begins, Marcel arrives at the St. James and discovers that Kol has killed Davina. Kol tells Marcel he was being controlled by the Ancestors and he couldn’t stop himself. After taking his anger and grief out on Kol for a few moments, Marcel is determined to save Davina. She is a New Orleans witch and their spirits can be brought back, so that is what they are going to do.

Marcel and Kol reach out to Vincent and Vincent determines that they can bring Davina back, but only if they consecrate her first. Kol is dead-set against that because consecrating Davina means putting her in witch purgatory with the Ancestors who want to harm her. Vincent says they can create a safe place for Davina’s spirit until they have enough power to bring her back.

Freya agrees to help Vincent with the spell, but she needs to channel one of her brothers to create a safe place for Davina. She cannot use Kol, so that leaves Klaus and Elijah. Freya channels Elijah and manages to pull Davina out of witch purgatory just as the Ancestors are about to mark her with a dark object. Kol says that if they used the objects on her, it would have shredded her soul until she couldn’t be brought back. Kol then promises Davina that they will bring her back by the end of the day. (You would think Kol, of all people, would realize that it’s not that simple to bring someone back from the dead.)

Freya Betrays Davina

Before the drama with Davina goes down, Freya finishes a spell that will alert her to the activities of the other witches in New Orleans in case they try to come after her family magically. It isn’t long before that spell pays off and alerts the Mikaelsons to the fact that Lucien is going after Rebekah. Since Cami’s death did not lure Klaus away from the compound, Lucien is targeting Rebekah. Klaus immediately springs into action, heading out to find and secure Rebekah’s body. (He casually informs Elijah that he moved Rebekah’s body because even after everything, Klaus still has trust issues a thousand miles long.) Hayley decides to accompany Klaus on his rescue Rebekah mission while Elijah stays behind to help Freya with the spell to protect Davina.

Earlier in the episode, Freya told Vincent that she thinks she knows of a way to make Lucien kill-able again by reversing the spell that created him. Unfortunately, the power that made Lucien what he is, came from the Ancestors, so only a deceased witch can access that power. Davina’s death gives Freya a very bad idea — she can use Davina to tap into the power of the Ancestors and unmake Lucien. Alas, the only way to do that is to put Davina back in witch purgatory with the people who want her to suffer. Elijah and Freya both have trouble making that call, so they call Klaus to inform him of their plan. Surprisingly enough, Klaus tells them not to do it. Hayley thinks Klaus’ unusual benevolence is thanks to the fact that Cami loved Davina, but it’s impossible to say.

Alas, when Freya gets word that Lucien has discovered Rebekah’s whereabouts and is on his way to the bayou, she decides to go ahead with her plan anyway. With Elijah subduing Marcel, Freya attacks poor Davina and sends her back to witch purgatory to face the Ancestors. Freya then uses Davina to channel the power she needs to unmake Lucien, turning him back into a normal vampire.

Hayley and Elijah Reconnect

Hayley and Klaus spend a good chunk of the episode discussing Cami’s death. Hayley tries to bring up suggestions for Cami’s memorial, but Klaus isn’t having it. He claims they are at war and don’t have time to mourn right now. When Hayley mentions that she understands what he is going through, Klaus points out that while Hayley lost her husband, the man she’s truly connected to is still alive. Klaus advises the mother of his child to stop wasting time when it comes to his brother.

By the end of the episode, Klaus gives Hayley an idea for Cami’s funeral and Hayley decides to take Klaus’ advice. Hayley and Elijah end the episode with several chaste kisses — to her hand and forehead — drawing comfort from one another.

Klaus and Lucien Face Off

Lucien manages to locate Klaus and Hayley in the bayou and crashes his car into their’s. It’s a nasty wreck that leaves Hayley temporarily unconscious, but Klaus is back on his feet before long. Alas, this turns out to be a bad thing since Lucien is right there waiting for him. Lucien and Klaus then engage in a brutal fight that Lucien is clearly winning. Once Hayley comes to, she tries to intervene, but Lucien easily bests her, too. Lucien then starts to kill Hayley in front of Klaus.

Because Lucien is obsessed with one-upping Klaus, he agrees to show mercy to Hayley if Klaus will bow before him. The move works in Klaus and Hayley’s favor, as it gives Freya and Elijah enough time to come to their rescue. Once Freya’s spell takes effect, Klaus tells Lucien that he is “nothing” before ripping out his heart. Yes, Lucien is finally dead. Andrew Lees has done an excellent job in the role, but I will not miss Lucien in the least.

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Marcel and Davina Share a Heart-Felt Goodbye

While they wait for Vincent to prepare the spell to resurrect Davina, Marcel and Davina spend a few precious moments together. Davina tells Marcel that what happened to her isn’t his fault and she is not his responsibility. Marcel disagrees, saying that she will always be his responsibility. They reminisce about their past and Davina thanks Marcel for everything he’s done for her. She lets him know that he has never let her down and that she loves him. But before Marcel can return the sentiment, Elijah attacks him so Freya can break the spell keeping Davina protected.

Charles Michael Davis and Danielle Campbell do such a beautiful job with this scene. The relationship between Marcel and Davina has been one of my favorite dynamics on the show these past three seasons and I am going to miss it terribly.

Davina “Dies”

With Freya’s spell broken, Marcel and Vincent realize they have to resurrect Davina right away. To that end, Vincent convinces the Regent to help them bring Davina back. He uses his power to try and find Davina in witch purgatory, but nothing happens. He tells them this is because Davina is no longer there. Marcel and Kol are furious and want the Regent to try again, but Vincent says it is no use. He believes Davina is gone for good. In a heart-wrenching moment, Marcel breaks down over Davina’s body before lashing out at Kol. Marcel tells Kol that he never should have trusted the Mikaelsons because they destroy everything they touch. (Kol basically proves that point when he kills the Regent who tried to help them bring Davina back.)

Is Davina really gone? We see her being attacked by the Ancestors, but the scene cuts away before we actually see her soul get destroyed. Is it possible that she was saved somehow? If her soul was saved, can she be resurrected or is she truly gone for good? (If this is the end for Davina, she had a truly horrific death. At least Cami got a chance to come to terms with her death before the end.)

Marcel Turns Against the Family

Once Klaus learns of Freya’s actions, he and Elijah go to see Marcel. Marcel is livid with the brothers. He screams at them that he did everything they ever asked of him. He fought for them and the people they loved, and for what? Marcel says Lucien and Co. were right about them. Anyone who isn’t a Mikaelson means nothing to them. Elijah tells Marcel that he is part of their family, but Marcel says he’s not anymore and will never be again. Klaus attempts to comfort Marcel but Marcel pushes him away. The brothers eventually leave Marcel to his grief.

Back at the compound, Freya tries to explain to Vincent why she made the choice she did. Alas, Vincent isn’t interested in her excuses. He tells her that sacrificing Davina makes her just as bad as her siblings. I guess that signals the end of their brief friendship.

Vincent shows up at Marcel’s place with a plan to make the Mikaelsons pay for what happened to both Cami and Davina. At the start of the episode, Vincent tells Freya that he found a way to extract the serum Aurora took, thus making sure they would not have any more super-Originals on their hands. This is exactly what Vincent gives to Marcel in the episode’s final moments. He wants Marcel to take the serum and become more powerful than the Mikaelsons so he can take them down for good. Will Marcel actually drink the serum and become a Lucien-like monster? Does this mean that he is the threat the prophecy was warning against?

What did you think of this episode of The Originals? What do you think of the show seemingly killing Davina off for good? Are Cami and Davina the last characters we will lose this season or is there more death to come? Are you glad Lucien is gone? Will Aurora be next? Do you think Marcel is justified in his anger against the Mikaelsons? After what Freya did to Davina, I cannot blame him for wanting nothing to do with his former family. Do you think Hayley and Elijah will finally get their act together or will something else come along to pull them apart? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section.

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