The old joke is true, if you play a doctor on TV, someone is bound to ask you for medical advice. Just ask Peter Jacobson, who plays Dr. Chris Taub on House, who admits “very strange, not very intelligent people have asked me for real advice.” But playing a doctor on one of TV’s biggest medical drama’s isn’t all crazy people asking about their colon’s on the street, medically it actually has it’s perks. While I wondered if he’d be self-diagnosing every sneeze as something that would send him to Princeton Plainsboro, Jacobson admits he’s less of a hypochondriac now that he’s a regular cast member on House.

Jacobson, a character actor who brings great depth and emotion to his portrayal of Plastic Surgeon turned House minion, says he was a huge fan of the show before being cast as a possible cast member. That’s right a possible cast member. Much like his character Dr. Taub, and the other interns and doctor’s vying for a coveted spot on House’s team, Jacobson didn’t know if he’d be kept or cut every week at first. Every week he was “acting and auditioning,” not knowing if his skills, like Dr. Taub’s (then only known as #39) would be enough to land him a permanent spot at Princeton Plainsboro.

Hear all about Jacobson’s auditions for House, his thoughts on what sobriety might mean to Dr. House, what it was like loosing cast member Kal Penn, and much more in our full interview.

–Abbey Simmons, BuddyTV Staff Writer

Abbey Simmons

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