Terence and Sarah made one mistake, and then they were gone from The Amazing Race 13.  No one would argue that Andrew and Dan were better racers than Terence and Sarah, but all it takes is one poor decision.  The couple opted to try for the Fast Forward on last night’s episode of The Amazing Race – this was the wrong move.  Terence and Sarah were edited somewhat harshly at times during the race, but it’s always important to remember the power of editing.  With a camera following you around for 24 hours a day, the network has the power to edit you into any sort of character they may see fit.  Terence and Sarah may have been somewhat shafted in this regard, but in the below interview, there is no bitterness. 

Hey this is Oscar Dahl form BuddyTV and I’m here with Terence and Sarah from The Amazing Race 13.  Terence, Sarah, how are you two doing?

Sarah:  Hi, we’re good.

Terence: I’m doing really good, Oscar, thank you.

No Problem. It must have been kind of hard watching that leg last night, especially with Ken and Tina and Andrew and Dan struggling so much on those challenges.  Was that difficult to watch?

Sarah: It was heart-breaking.  It was really devastating.  I think the comfort that we took from watching it was that we knew we never gave up.  We never even cut ourselves any slack, thinking we might be out, let’s just relax.  We put our entire selves on the race course and we sprinted through everything, we poured ourselves into every challenge.  There’s nothing we could have done any differently.

Going for that Fast Forward, it obviously didn’t work out.  Was there any more rationale behind that decision than we got to see last night?

Terence: Initially we were hoping there would be two Fast Forwards, and we’d be in it for the second one, we wanted to go for the second one.  The first rationale was we’d been in the top three for almost all of the race, but we needed to get a W up there and get a first place.  The Fast Forward would do that.  Nowhere in the clue, nowhere at all did it say anything about meat.  We wouldn’t have done it if it said “Eat a slab of sheep’s butt.”  I don’t like meat, nor have I ever had sheep’s butt.  So, the rationale is…it was an hour away, it was an hour away.  We could replay it a million times and it was very frustrating to watch that aspect. 

How far behind Andrew and Dan did you two actually finish in the leg last night?

Sarah:  They told us at the pit stop that it was seven minutes.  We don’t know if they were just saying that to, like, dig the dagger in deeper, but that’s what they told us.

Over the course of the season, what did you guys think of the editing, and was there anything that was edited out that you wish CBS would have thrown in there?

Terence: One of the major things that we wish was sort of kept in there, was when we were going down the net in Fortaleza, we were singing and dancing because we were harnessed together.  We also high-fived Mark and Bill when we passed them.  That would have really been neat to show that I’m not actually such a bad person, which was kind of portrayed somehow.  I was competitive, but I was also a sport. I never was mean or malicious to anybody.

Sarah:  I wish that they had showed more of the good times of our relationship and wish that they had showed the race in between the challenges, because we would make really big mistakes, and then we’d rely on our physical strength to come back and we came back from what might have otherwise been a deal killer for another team.  We kind of had this superhuman effort to get back into it.

Was that disappointing for you guys, because some of the editing at times didn’t portray you terribly well.  Do you wish that they had shown the better parts, or is that kind of what you sign up for when you go on a show like this?

Sarah: We didn’t really think about it very much when we went in. We were so focused on winning and we were so confident that we were going to win.  Even though our friends would say to us “Aren’t you nervous about the editing,” we would say, “No we’re not nervous about the editing.  We are great people and we’re going to win, so what’s going to go wrong?”  And I think we recognized that it makes good TV and we did do those things.  That is who we were.  So, there was a lot of context they left out that I wish they’d included, but I think we both recognize that some aspect of our personality is what was shown on TV or they wouldn’t have been able to show it. 

Terence:  A lot of people who watched it who are my friends of mine…I was like, “God, man, I’m really intense.”  They’re like, “You didn’t know you’re intense?” A lot of people knew it, and now I really know it myself, because I got to watch myself. So, that was interesting to watch. 

What was your guys’ favorite place that you got to visit on the race?

Terence: New Zealand was a huge highlight for us.  We were in the car for 200 miles driving, between challenges, and we just had so much fun. It was such a beautiful country. I want to go back, because you got to see a lot of other countries where you’re racing through and it’s just a blur, but in New Zealand you’re just driving.  And, even me, I drive really fast, I get speeding tickets on TV and stuff.  We got to see a lot of it and it was really – the weather, the temperatures, the places, the people – it was really nice.

What do you guys have planned for the future?  Anything big?

Sarah:  Well, I changed jobs.  I’m not working on Wall Street anymore, I’m working at a fund called Blue Orchard that invests in helping people get out of poverty and helping countries, and that’s a fun transition, as opposed to having to go back to a bank after the race.

Terence:  I’m still coaching runners.  I just ran my seventh New York City Marathon, I’ll be running my third Boston in April and I have a screenplay.  It’s at Run2Three.com. It’s just about how exercise has changed my life and how being physically fit can help you.  It’s my life story. 

All right, Terence and Sarah, I appreciate you guys stopping by and speaking with us today.

Terence: So, who’s your favorite team?

You guys are my favorite team, obviously.

Terence: (laughs) Oh, good answer.  You’re very politically correct, I like it.  We are the best team. 

Thanks guys.

Sarah: Thanks a lot.

-Interview Conducted by Oscar Dahl
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