Last night on Cycle 11 of America’s Next Top Model, the inevitable happened. Though Marjorie seemed to be able to effortlessly nail high fashion shots, she couldn’t tamp down her nerves in a way that won over the judges. I’m glad, though, that she went home after another win and, it would seem, a bit of fun with some lads. At least go out on a high note.

As to her final photo, was it also a high note? Let’s see who landed in the top and bottom this week on America’s Next Top Model.


This photo is a great photo, and an illustration of a successful collaboration between model and photographer that was aided by a dash of luck. Analeigh’s decision to throw a few jumps into the mix merged beautifully with the photographer’s composition to make a really great shot. But the way her hair happened to be in the air only emphasized the similar shape with the windmill. Brilliant.


There are no Worsts this week, (thanks in no small part, I think, to a really good photographer) but no other photos were at Analeigh’s level.

Gina mentioned in her Live Thought article that she doesn’t care too much for the photo Tyra Banks chose. I agree; with everything that she was doing on set, I can’t believe this is the best or most interesting shot. She’s great on the shoots, but we still keep not seeing anything about her personality. Can she coast into the end as a total question mark? She looks like the Joker, not the Riddler!

Whereas Samantha…well, I’m not really here to talk about personalities, but I just find Samantha so cute. I also liked that she didn’t blame anyone else or make excuses for her trouble on set, she just admitted she messed up. How often do you hear that on America’s Next Top Model? That said, this photo is okay, but…not as great as she has otherwise done.

And Marjorie. While I agree with the judges that there’s more to this shot than first appears – i.e., it’s not just someone “standing there” – this shot is all about the photographer. Had the composition not been so strong, it would have been a totally flat shot of Marjorie.

I still love Marjorie’s ability to transform herself in front of the camera. I hope we see her as a busy working model in one of those America’s Next Top Model check-in segments in a future cycle.


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