Stacy Kimball laid low for much of Survivor: Fiji, but proved to be a hardened competitor when it really came down to it.  Caught between alliances after the merge, Stacy did all she could to stay afloat in the name of self-preservation.  She was almost part of an incredible coup on last night’s episode but, in the end, Yau-Man had the presence of mind to use his immunity idol and Stacy was sent to the jury.  Stacy was kind enough to take some time and speak with us earlier today.

Below you will find both the transcript of our interview, as well as the full mp3 audio.

How did you get yourself cast on Survivor? 

I was found, I was recruited off of MySpace. And when the opportunity presented itself, I was like, “Oh, this looks like fun.”

Did you come onto the island with a game plan?

I thought in the beginning I would kind of lay low, and in the middle of the game kind of emerge slowly, and then at the end kind of really come full force. I know that from the past Survivors, like a lot of the mistakes are the people who want to be the leaders too soon, and that was it. And I thought I had a really good strategy, but midway through I had to kind of switch it up and then it was like if you were going ahead, I was following, and if you were going too slow, then I was going to pass you type of philosophy, so it was really one move at a time, unfortunately.


In tribal council, do you think you gave it away to Yau-Man that you and the others were going to vote for him?

I don’t know if I gave it away, or if he was going to play it already. He’s a really, really smart guy. I tend to think that he was gong to play it anyways and maybe I gave him that insight.


Were you expecting Yau-Man to use the immunity idol?

I thought there was a big chance that he would and on the off-chance that he wasn’t, I was going along with Dreamz’s plan.


Do you feel that you were portrayed pretty accurately on the show?

I don’t. I think that there are certain things that provoke me to bring out those parts of me that were shown, so it’s kind of like it’s missing the full story. Those things are true, but I think there are other things that surrounded it to bring…to bring that out in me.


Well, are there any particular instances or things you wish they might have shown on TV that they didn’t?

Yeah, I think that for the French press coffee incident…in the beginning Dreamz had been kind of a jerk to me and I just had a really bad experience dealing with him and so it’s almost like I didn’t want to help him when he’s making coffee, and if you see it out of context, it just looks like I’m just kind of being mean to him or something, but it was a little deeper than that. So, that’s something that it would have been nicer if there was a little more clarification on that. As far as Mookie and Alex not getting fed, that was another point that sticks out in my mind and Mookie was begging to be voted off the show, and Alex was like, “Good, you can go before me.” I think that they kind of resigned to the fact that they were going one after another, so we had limited food source, so it only made sense that they were going to eat soon, that we should probably conserve our food for the people who were remaining on the Island. So it came out very mean, but the idea was not to starve them to death, it was just to conserve. During the reward challenge, I think that when I took that bashing I wish that they had shown just a little bit, I mean I was sad about it, I didn’t just gloss it over and call it a day. It affected me. And because of that I was able to grow. So I think that there was a really nice story behind it and I’m not just this stoic person.


So what are you up to now? Anything coming up for you personally that you’d like to tell the fans about?

I’ve got some irons in the fire and we’ll see. I’m in New York City now, so we’ll see. I don’t think you’ve seen the last of me though.


Any final thoughts about last night or your experience in general?

I had an amazing time. It was incredible, and I think that last night, it wasn’t great to go home, but I made peace with it and I walked away with a smile and I don’t know, I’ve got nothing but good things to say about my experience. It was awesome and I’m glad I got to share it with a whole bunch of other people. It was pretty cool.

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