Kelly and Christy, when they were on, were a formidable duo.  They had trouble reading clues from time to time, however, and this eventually doomed them, most notably during last night’s episode of The Amazing Race.  But, when clues weren’t an issue, Kelly and Christy flew through the race.  The two recently divorced best friends came on the race, had a great time, and strengthened their already close bond in the process.  Earlier today, we got a chance to talk to Kelly and Christy about their time on The Amazing Race, the mystery of the sports bra, and what they have planned for the future.

Below you will fin both the written transcript and the full mp3 audio of the interview. 

Hey, this is Oscar Dahl from BuddyTV ad Im here with Kelly and Christy from The Amazing Race.  Kelly, Christy – how are you two doing?

We’re doing great.

Watching last night, was that pretty tough, seeing yourselves pull into last place?

Kelly: I was on my sofa, standing up, it was like I didn’t know the results, cheering, drinking champagne.  Then I started bawling.  I was so sad to see us go and I was so sad because it felt like it all was ending.  It wasn’t a good night. 

Did you know everything that had happened on that leg.  For instance, did you know that Ken and Tina had helped Andrew and Dan?

Christy: No, you know, that was news to us to think that Tina had sold us out to Andrew and Dan.  It wasn’t surprising.  I actually thought that it was a pretty strategic game move.  Because, obviously we were a stronger team than Dandrew were and, I’m not going to say I’m happy about it, but it was good on their behalf.

How far behind Andrew and Dan did you guys actually finish?

Kelly: I think that it was really just a matter of minutes.  When we ran onto the mat and saw them there I knew that we were out, unless it was a non-elim, which of course we were praying for.  But, it was just minutes because we got it right after they got it and then it was just the cab ride over – it was just a few minutes.

Over the course of the race you guys had some issues with Nick and Starr, especially Starr.  Have you all spoken since the season ended and has the mystery of the sports bra yet been solved?

Christy: Well, since it’s my sports bra I’ll answer to that.  We have spoken since the race has concluded and we get along with them well outside of the context of the competition.  We’re very competitive people and I was one hundred percent convinced that Starr did in fact push my sports bra over the ledge during the race.  After that she has told me time and again that she did not actually do it.  Nick and Starr have admitted several times to lying on the race to get ahead.  I’ll take her word for it and say that I do believe that she did not push my sports bra over the ledge, but I was convinced of it during the race.

Was there anything edited out over the course of the season involving you guys that you wish that they had put in the show?

Christy: Well, I wanted…I thought this was particularly funny.  Kelly and I are goofballs and in Bolivia, the clue read at the statue of Simon Bolivar, the clue read “make your way and stay relatively close to the statue during the night” and Kelly and I interpreted relatively close to include the Plaza Hotel about a block down. So while everyone else was camping out in the street, if you noticed, Kelly and I walking up looking miserable, it was because we had just gotten told that we could not stay the night in the Plaza Hotel.  We’re girly-girls and I thought that was funny.  Kind of wish that had been included.

Kelly: There was a time, I think this was actually also in Bolivia.  We, on our down time, we would just entertain ourselves by making each other laugh.  That’s just something we do as best friends.  We would play games, card games or we would sing and I wish some of that funny stuff had made it in the show.  Us cracking jokes, more of our personalities.

Christy:  We did do some making fun of the other teams, it was all light-hearted and fun, but some people took it as us being catty, but we’re not mean people, we did a lot of joking around in general and I wish they had shown a little bit more of that too. 

What do you guys have planned for the future?  Anything big? 

Christy: I’ve written a book, actually, it’s based on my short-lived disastrous marriage and I’m kind of pitching it as a fictional chick-lit book, but I’m trying to get that published.  Kelly and I have started a foundation as well called The Amazing Grace foundation.  People can learn more about it on our website and and we’re just trying to stir up as many things as we can.

Kelly: We also hope to get into doing some motivational speaking.  We’ve talked about doing speeches on empowering women and helping them to get out of bad relationships that are hindering them from accomplishing their dreams. 

All right, Kelly, Christy, I appreciate you two taking the time to speak with us.

Thank you. 

-Interview Conducted by Oscar Dahl
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