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America's Next Top Model: Kathleen DuJour

Kathleen DuJour became the first eliminated contestant on Cycle 8 of America’s Next Top Model last night.  It was somewhat of a surprise elimination, but not totally unexpected.  Kathleen struggled with her photo shoot, and admittedly so.  We talked to Kathleen earlier today about her time on America’s Next Top Model and what her plans are for the future. 

Full Audio of Kathleen’s Interview:

Can you tell us a little bit about what inspired you to go on America’s Next Top Model and how you found yourself on the show?

Wow, well, ever since I was young I’ve always loved looking at magazines and I would just look at these girls like, “Oh my god, I want to do this,” you know?  Even watching runway shows, I felt like, I just love runway shows you know, that was my thing.  So, I really loved runway shows and every model out there inspires me to be a model, you know?

Do you have any favorite models?  Anyone you really look up to?

I really, really liked Jaunel, you know? I know little of her but I just love her features, the way she looks.  It’s so unique to me, you know?

Now that you’re off the show, are you going to continue to pursue modeling?  What’s gone on in your career since leaving the show?

Well, right now I’m planning on working with a photographer, trying to build up my portfolio and then I’ll be trying to go to some agencies, but I’m definitely going to pursue modeling.  This is my dream, you know?  It’s not going to end now.  To me this is such a big accomplishment.  I came from doing no modeling, you know?  Being on America’s Next Top Model, going into the house, this was such a big accomplishment from here and it’s not going to stop here.  I’m going to keep going until I get what I want. 

The big thing last night was doing the photo shoots for the different political issues.  How did you feel about how that whole scene was portrayed on the show and how do you feel about the anti-fur issue right now?

Well, the way it was portrayed on the show I think it didn’t really…you know a lot of editing was done, I feel like, that didn’t describe me as a whole, you know?  And with the whole anti-fur thing I’m going to stick to what I said, you know, fur is beautiful.  I tried to tell them that, you know, if an animal is dead then why not use the fur?  But then I think it’s wrong to kill an animal to make fur out of it, you know?  And I think they just got that so mixed up.

Were there any specific moments that were edited out that you wish they had shown last night?

Oh definitely.  There was a time where J. Alexander came and he asked me, “Well, what are your favorite top designers?”  And you know I gave it to him like, during boot camp it was like 1, 2, 3 you can’t even think about it, tell me your top designers.  And I spit them all out to him and that wasn’t even on the show, you know?

You seemed to be more at ease during the runway show.  Do you prefer one over the other, photo shoots or runway?

Oh, I love runway, that’s my thing.  You don’t understand, like, I wish I could walk all the runways in the world.  You know I definitely prefer runways more than photo shoots. 

Your elimination was pretty surprising to the viewers. How was your confidence level going in to see the panel?

Going in to panel, it was kind of like I know I have so much potential and I know they could see it because I believe in myself so much but I knew that I didn’t take a good picture.  I knew that my photo shoot didn’t go well, from the comments that Mr. J. would say, you know, I kind of had a feeling like, “I know my picture’s not going to come out that good.”  You know?  So it was kind of like I know I took a bad picture but I know I have so much potential, I want to have a comeback.  I went to panel thinking, “You know what, maybe they were gonna, you know, let me get a second chance and show improvement, at least at another photo shoot. 

Are there any final thoughts you want to give about last night or just about the show in general?

Well, I just want to say that the show is not going to stop me. Me being eliminated first is not going to stop me from pursuing my dreams and it was a blessing to be on the show.

(Interview Conducted by Oscar Dahl)


Oscar Dahl

Senior Writer, BuddyTV