This week, we unveil the interview that BuddyTV contributing writer Jon Lachonis conducted with Jorge Garcia, the lovable Hurley from Lost.  Much like last week’s interview with Michael Emerson, Jon got the opportunity to speak to Garcia face-to-face during his October Lost set visit in Hawaii.  Listen to Jorge Garcia discussing the infamous Numbers, his interactions with some of the new characters coming to the island, and his future plans now that Lost has an end date in sight.  Remember to check back next Wednesday for Jon’s final interview from Hawaii.

Below you will find both the written transcript and full mp3 audio of the interview.

How is season 4 going so far for you?

It’s going really well.  The scripts are really exciting.  It’s very much reminiscent of the excitement of going through the scripts we got in season 1, where it was really crazy directions and like “What’s going on?” Season 4 is going to be very important for people to adjust their Tivos or record the show after Lost.  A lot of closing teasers are really WTF moments, and it’s going to be pretty cool.

So the cliffhanger is a big focus this season?

Every season they do like to end the show with a good little something, but there have been some great final pages in scripts we’ve been reading.

Hurley, in the season 3 finale, finally got to show his warrior side.  Are we going to see some more of that in season 4?

Gradually I think we’ve seen, from season 1 all the way to the van moment, Hurley slowly kind of take responsibility, slowly start to be a leader and step up, and kind of take a more leadership role.  He’s assuming a little more, for sure.

Has the new shooting schedule increased demand or opened up any extra opportunities for you as an actor?

Well, I don’t know yet.  It’s opened up the break between the end of season 4 and the beginning of the next season.  I know there’s still talk of the impending writers’ strike situation, which might turn days off into snow days, where they keep adding it to the end of the year if we can’t shoot it.  Who knows.

Let’s talk about the numbers.  Hurley’s numbers, is that an issue that’s resolved for Hurley?  Are we ever going to see anything about that again?

I don’t know.  The numbers became a monster for awhile, and then they kind of faded away a bit lately.  Not much has been numbers oriented recently that I can think of.

With the new people arriving on the island, does that move the threat away from the monster and the issues that were a threat to the survivors on the island to the new people?  Or is that just something new to the mix?

I think it’s just something new to the mix.  Sure the monster’s always there, but we’ve been living with that there for awhile, so you might give a little more weight to the slightly more unknown I guess.  But the monster is definitely still on our minds for sure.

You’re probably restricted on what you can say.

Yeah, I don’t have that much information.  I’ve had scenes with two of the newcomers, and my run-ins with them have been pretty ambiguous still.

So I know in earlier seasons there’s been this lore about the Lost set that when the new actors come in it’s very welcoming.  Now that you guys are three seasons in and have built a more hardened core, is it still that kind of an open experience?

I think so.  I think it’s fun when new people come and join us, because it’s just new dynamics and new chemistries to form with people.  It kind of keeps an actor on his toes.  I guess that’s something you have to ask them more than us, but I always try to make an effort to bring people along and tell them where the good places are around Hawaii to hit up.  Especially cause they’re all living out of their hotels at the start usually.

On that note, now that the show has got an end point, I know you guys kind of started lives here.  How did the prospect of production coming to an end affect you guys personally?

I’d been house hunting, but never finding anything, so now I’m definitely looking at going back to California to be closer to the business and my family and stuff.  That reality I’m dealing with.  I’ve been in the same place for three seasons so far, so I have amassed stuff that now has to either get sold off or sent back.  I’m actually gonna start maybe a public storage near my sister’s house, so I can send her boxes to kind of stash for me. I don’t want to have to move everything at the last minute.

– Interview conducted by BuddyTV contributing writer Jon Lachonis
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