Joe of Beauty and the GeekJoe and Tara were sixth couple to be eliminated from this season of Beauty and the Geek.  The pair had many ups and downs throughout their time on the show, fighting often and then making up again afterwards.  Their often contentious relationship crescendoed until their biggest fight at the Big Bear resort, at which Tara constructed an impassable barrier to separate each person’s side of the bed.

Unfortunately, we could not reach Tara to hear her side of things, but Joe was able to take some time to talk to BuddyTV.  He shared with us his insight on his relationship with Tara, whom he likes to call “Big Sister,” his side of the expectoratory fight he had with Randi, as well as what he’s been up to since filming the show.  Below, you will find an audiofile and a complete transcript of the interview.


This is Debbie at BuddyTV, and I’m talking to Joe from Beauty and the Geek.  Hey, Joe, how’s it going?

I’m doing really well.  How are you doing today, Debbie?

I’m good.  So, you know, there’s so much that we can talk about and I’m not really quite sure where to begin.

The beginning is usually a good spot.  Thank you all today for having me on.  I really appreciate the opportunity.

Oh yeah, no problem.  Well, actually, I guess I wanted to start talking about your partnership with Tara.  It’s unfortunate that we couldn’t speak with her today.  So, you guys went through a lot of rough patches, it seemed, and then you’d make up.  But every time you made up, it was kind of like one step forward, two steps back.  Was that just editing?

First off, it’s really a shame that Tara couldn’t be here today.  I know if she were here, she would be just as excited to talk about this.  I know she’s doing well right now.  She’s working on a couple of other projects, so I’m sure that’s kind of keeping her from being here today.  I wish nothing but the best of Big Sister.

As far as our relationship goes, a lot of that, surprisingly enough, was in the editing.  A lot of that was, you know, making us look a certain way towards each other.  Tara really became Big Sister to me in a lot of different ways.  She was the voice of reason in a lot of incidents and situations.  Her and I really took to looking after each other.  We became a lot stronger in our friendship and being more than just a beauty and the geek, as it were.  Her and I were a lot closer, and her and I’s personalities

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