Now that Sarah Palin has made her buzz-worthy appearance on Saturday Night Live, it’s time for the next rumor to come along.  Saturday Night Live has always been a desired destination for political candidates, especially during the stretch run f the election season.  Back in 2000, both Al Gore and George W. Bush made cameos on the last SNL episode before the election.  Lorne Michaels recently stated that he expects all of the candidates to make an appearance before polls open.  The rumors permeating some political blogs these days is the Democratic candidate Barack Obama will make an appearance on the final Saturday Night Live before the election on Saturday, November 1, in an episode hosted by well-known Democrat Ben Affleck.  Are there any truth to these rumors?

Saturday Night Live has issued a statement denying that Obama is scheduled to appear on the show.  However, similar statements were made about Sarah Palin prior to her appearance, so any such announcements should be taken with a grain of salt.  Obama did appear on SNL during the primaries almost a year ago, but has yet to make a cameo since becoming the Democratic candidate.  The chances of Obama appearing this coming Saturday are quite slim, given his emergency visit to his ailing grandmother. 

John McCain could also make an appearance in an upcoming episode, as could Joe Biden.  A dual appearance of the presidential nominees is also not of the question, something similar to the 2000 situation.  Defamer, not a particularly reputable news source, is reporting that at last Saturday’s after-party SNL head writer Seth Myers said something to the effect of “…yeah, but just wait til you see what we have cooked up for Obama’s appearance right before the election.”

It’s all rumors at this point, but I think we can expect at the very least an Obama cameo before the election.  If that happens, McCain will probably also want some time on the show.  Whether SNL grants the Arizona senator the opportunity is in question.  Since Palin got her appearance on the show, Saturday Night Live can claim equal time with Obama and not have to give McCain an appearance.

Saturday Night Live
airs its final Thursday Weekend Update half hour special tomorrow, and will follow up with a new episode this Saturday hosted by Mad Men star Jon Hamm.

-Oscar Dahl, BuddyTV Senior Writer
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Oscar Dahl

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