In part one of our interview with Jack Coleman, the Heroes star discussed the strange relationship between Sylar and Noah Bennett.  Last night’s episode threw another twist into that complex pairing when it was revealed that Future Sylar has a child named Noah.  It may be a while before we find out what that’s all about, but in part two of our interview Coleman makes it clear that there are big things in store for the Sylar-Bennett partnership.

For the second half of our interview we asked the actor questions submitted by BuddyTV readers.  Read on to find out if Claude will ever return, whether Coleman would like to write a Heroes episode, and what sort of power the actor would like HRG to have.

We asked some Heroes fans at BuddyTV to submit some questions.  Everyone wanted to know what happened to Claude, HRG’s old partner.  I’m wondering if there’s any possibility of him coming back, or what your thoughts are around how that ended?

I would love for Chris [Eccleston] to come back, and I know that there was some talk about it.  I think it was a combination of scheduling and location, because I know he was in England and he was working and wasn’t available, then I think he got a couple of movies.  I think there are just some logistical things that happen with actors that are in demand that can make it very difficult for a television series to hook them up.  I don’t know if he’s going to be back or not.  I hope he will be.  I would not be surprised if he does come back at some point.

HRG has a huge knowledge of languages.  How many languages does he know?  Do you speak any other languages, and is learning to speak something like Russian more difficult than learning your regular lines?

Yes, my linguistic talents are limited.  The Japanese was a tremendous amount of work.  The Russian was only a couple of words, so that wasn’t so bad.  My take on HRG is that he’s a guy who’s done a lot of traveling, spent a lot of time in foreign countries, and is able to get around.  English is his native tongue, and I don’t think any other language that he speaks would ever fool natives that he’s a local.  I don’t think his talents extend to that, but I do think he’s somebody who can get by.  Yeah, doing scenes in other languages is much harder.

You have a bit of a background in screenwriting.  Another fan was wondering if you have any desire to write an episode of Heroes.  Would you like to do something like that?

If they asked me to do it I would certainly do it.  There would be quite a learning curve, just because of the nature of this writing and the nature of this storytelling, which is very different from my own style, which is much more naturalistic than this.  They’re not going to ask me to do it, I can promise you that, but if they were to I would certainly do it.  It would be a fun challenge.

How long is the Sylar-HRG partnership going to last?  Is it going to be through the whole volume or is it going to separate somewhere in the middle?

We separate somewhere in the middle and come back toward the end.  It is definitely one of the main themes of this volume, interwoven.  I think it gets quite dramatic toward the end, I can tell you that.

With Mohinder getting his own powers and with this formula out there, would you want HRG to get powers?  What powers would you see him wanting to have?

It’s funny, because I’ve never wanted HRG to have powers.  I like his mortality, I like his vulnerability, I like the fact that he has to deal with human abilities.  On the other hand, the one story that might interest me is something that was a temporary fix or temporary curse so he would experience this world from the other side.  He’s always experienced it very much from the hunter, and it would be interesting for him to have something happen temporarily that would give him some sort of insight into how the other half lives.  I think it would be more along the lines of mind reading or something intelligence gathering, rather than the ability to smash a building with his fists.

Read part one of our interview with Jack Coleman here.

– Interview conducted by John Kubicek
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