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How shocked were you when he just up and fired you there?

It was very shocking; I had no clue.  It’s funny, the interview I did before the Boardroom I was like, “Oh, it’s going to be Angela, it’s going to be Jenn [Hoffman].”  And when he told me I was fired I kind of laughed.  The expression you see on TV they edited in from another portion of the Boardroom because actually I kind of laughed.  I smiled, I got up and I said, “Well, I’m off to get my unemployment check, see ya!”  And left the door. They cut that out.  I don’t think he was too pleased with my reaction, I think it sort of dawned on him that I was actually on the show to have fun and not really work.

Just watching, it seemed like a crazy over-reaction by him.  Do you think it was in any way deserved?

No, no. Not at all. Especially given the relationship that he and I had had in the previous six episodes.  Again, he was joking around with me and I felt that I was comfortable to make that sort of statement.  I don’t know why he had such a bad reaction.   I think he was a little cranky that day because he got into the Boardroom and he looked a little perturbed and I should have picked up on that.  You know, I was trying cheer him up a bit, if you will.  But he completely overreacted and I’m not sure why.  It’s interesting because the previous week was the whole Latino issue and they cut this out but I was saying, “Listen, for you to assume that because there’s Latinos in the mall that they don’t speak English is a racist notion.”  And so for me it was stupid for him to not care about the racist notion of these Latinos who don’t speak English but yet he’s upset about the white trash comment.  I just didn’t get it; I didn’t get it at all.  Maybe it hit too close to come for him?

When I saw it, I thought maybe the producers and Trump had a double firing slated for sometime this season and that maybe he was just looking for an excuse to fire someone extra.  Did that cross your mind?

Truly, I think the production is based on his whim for whatever mood he is in.  I truly felt that the previous episode, he was trying to go for the double firing of Jenn and Aimee [Trotter].  And my alliance and I were trying to get him to go for the double firing as well.  I think that day he just wasn’t feeling it.  I think he just said, “Alight I’ve got to do a double firing sometime so let’s just take out Derek.”  I think it’s ironic now that the week he tells me I’m getting fired for being white trash is the week he’s appearing on Wrestle Mania. If the Trump brand is supposed to be luxury and he can’t have somebody who is white trash working for him, than what’s he doing on Wrestle Mania?  And what was he doing on the Emmy’s three years ago singing Green Acres?  And overall what is he doing having this feud with Rosie and calling her a degenerate and a fat ass? You’re telling me that that’s class and luxury?

Anything notable coming up personally in your future?

No, I think the next step for me is I love my job; I’m staying with my job.  I’m doing the AIDS ride again for the third time this year; we ride as an organization.  It’s 1200 riders; it rides form San Francisco to Los Angeles on a bike over the course of a week to raise money for people with HIV and AIDS.  I’m doing that for a third time in June.  The next step is focusing on probably trying to raise a family soon.  I’d like to look into adopting kids and raising a family.

Part 1 / Part 2

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