On NBC’s new action-comedy Chuck, Joshua Gomez plays Morgan, loyal best friend and trusty comic relief sidekick to he titular character, played by Zachary Levi.  The show airs Monday nights at 8pm on NBC.

This wild and crazy Chuck star spoke to BuddyTV at an exclusive Las Vegas premiere party for the show.  Gomez talked about the great chemistry he has with Levi, the unfortunate lack of chemistry he gets to have with some of his more fetching female co-stars, and the possibility of Morgan going on a spy mission.  Below you will find a transcript as well as the mp3 audio file of the interview.

Hi, this is David from BuddyTV.com, we’re here with Josh Gomez from Chuck at PURE nightclub in Las Vegas. So first of all, thanks for taking time to talk to all your fans here at BuddyTV.

You are quite welcome.

OK, so Josh, there seems to be a real easy chemistry between you and Zach on the show. Did that come right away, or did you guys have to work at it a little bit?

No, it was instantaneous. We went out to lunch, McG took us all to lunch, and like, “Hey, let’s go out with the cast, I want you guys to all meet each other.” So we went out to lunch and I was sitting next to Zach, and videogames came up, and he was like, “You play games?” And I was like, “Dude, are you a gamer?” And it was just, from then on, it’s pretty much been a love affair between the two of us.

And does this role come very naturally for you?

Yeah, because it really isn’t that far from who me and Zach are. We play video games, we talk about movies when doing the show, and games and life. And it’s definitely not… Unfortunately, I’d like to say that I’m good around the house, but I’m not. I’m good with tools. I’d like to say that I’m good with power tools, but I’m not. I’m much better with a controller.

OK. And then question is, will Morgan ever be involved in the mission, or is he ever going be a badass too?

I keep pushing for it, man. I keep pushing for it, I’m like, “Hey, he needs his buddy out there.” Speaking of buddy, BuddyTV, and so far no dice. I think they love having the separate lives, it sort of creates that tension. It creates the thing like, he just keeping me and his sister away from all this stuff, out of harm’s way. But I think eventually somehow Morgan, he’s just too much of a snooper. It’s his buddy, man, he’s got to eventually snoop his way into everything. So yeah, I hope so.

So Morgan seems to have some constant lady troubles here and there on the show. How frustrating is it for you to see people like Yvonne and Rachel on the set, and know that Zach’s getting a lot of this attention?

It’s tough, to be honest. Not that Zach’s out of here [interview room] for a sec, just for anybody who’s listening that Levi’s now gone. Yeah, it’s horrible. I just, I can’t take it no. It’s yeah, it’s Sarah Lancaster especially. Because that’s the one I have, you know, Morgan is in love with his sister Ellie. And in real life I’m pretty much in love with Sarah Lancaster, as most young men are, I think, or should be.

And Josh, is there anything that the fans of Chuck should know about your other cast members that we don’t know already?

To call them out, they’re just such sweethearts, man. Zachary Levi is without a doubt, just one of the coolest human beings around, man. And I mean that honestly, like he became this friend of mine, he’s just genuine. For a guy who was pretty much on the cusp of superstardom or whatever, he couldn’t be more genuine.

Just a good dude who looks out for everybody, not just me as a cast member, from us down. He looks out for everybody, and everybody’s like, Sarah Lancaster is just an absolute sweetheart. And Yvonne and Ryan McPartlin, he’s, I’m mad about him. Yeah, I’m mad, he’s alright.

Yeah, I think a lot of that chemistry you just talked about really comes through for fans who are watching.

I hope so, because it actually is kind of genuine. It kind of is the fact that I think we all really genuinely care about each other, and I hope that shows up on camera, I think it does.

Alright. So now we’re gonna move to the fun part, some quick thoughts, Josh. OK, you ready? Favorite table gambling game in Vegas?


Favorite actor?

Oh my God, Gary Oldman.

Favorite drink?


What’s your favorite fall show that’s not Chuck that’s going to be coming out?

Pushing Daisies.

And then the last one: Celine Dion concert, gambling, or strip club?

Oh, strip club. That was the fastest one, did you notice that? Yeah, you guys wanna come? That’s where I’m going after this interview.

So Josh, on behalf of all your fans at BuddyTV.com, want to thank you. Looking forward to the success of Chuck, and your personal career success.

Thank you so much, guys, thank you very much.

-Interview conducted by David Niu
(Image courtesy of David Niu)

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