Oh, the magic of editing.  The Amazing Race was edited in a way last night, where it seemed possible that Aja and Ty could have actually overtaken Andrew and Dan near the end of the leg.  This is not the case.  It is nowhere near the case.  In fact, as Aja and Ty informed us in the below interview, the couple landed in Cambodia right around the time that Andrew and Dan were finishing up their leg.  This was unfortunate but, ultimately, fair.  Aja and Ty were penalized for their poor performance in the previous leg.  The couple continues to be happy and, as we also learned from our interview this morning, are no longer a long-distance couple. 

Below you will find the written transcript, plus the full mp3 of the interview. 

Hey this is Oscar Dahl from BuddyTV and I’m here with Aja and Ty from The Amazing Race.  Aja, Ty, how are you two doing?

Aja:  Good. 

What was it like watching last night’s show knowing that you eventually come in last and are eliminated?  That had to be kind of difficult?

Aja:  It wasn’t a tough, tough, tough experience.  It was bittersweet, because we felt blessed to be able to have the opportunity to be on The Amazing Race.  It was an awesome experience to spend the time with each other.  It resulted in us doing and seeing some great things and, you know, Ty actually did what he said at the end of the show and has moved to LA.  It was great to see the show and know that so many great things came out of it, but on the other hand it was definitely bitter for us to know that that was our last show.

How far behind actually were you when you landed in Cambodia?

Aja:  As we landed, Andrew and Dan were finishing.  Yeah, we weren’t really close at all. 

The editing in earlier episode kind of showed you two fighting a little bit.  Do you think you were accurately portrayed by CBS’s editing?

Ty: Honestly, what ended up – they had to take out the best parts to make the show as interesting as they can.  So, we understood that going into it.  What actually happened a couple of times things were taken…we only actually argued or bickered that one time in the airport and they took excerpts of that and put it all throughout the show so what you end up seeing is, hearing those things but you don’t see our mouths moving, because it was all taken from that one argument.  You know, it all comes with the territory.  It’s not too bad.  Overall, in general, how they depicted us outside that one episode is how we really are.  You saw later, in the Cambodia episode, us kind of more relaxed, more calm and I think that we may have not been getting as much air time in the beginning because we weren’t bickering that much.

Aja: We weren’t that interesting to watch. 

Ty:  We were just laughing and having a good time with each other, so there wasn’t too much to go with.

Was there anything edited out that over the course of the season that you wished they had shown of you two?

Aja:  I mean, there’s always times – I spoke Portuguese in Brazil, that would have been nice to see.  There was a point where we got a flat tire.  I think that that was important.  We got pulled over by the police in New Zealand as well.  I wish they had shown that.  Umm…I’m trying to think what else.  We had an alliance…a soft alliance, with Sarah and Terence.  I felt like that was also was an important aspect of the race. 

What was your guys’ favorite spot on the race?

Aja:  Brazil.  I liked Salvador, Brazil a lot.

Ty.  I would say Brazil was nice, but I might go with New Zealand.  New Zealand was really nice and we got a to see a lot of New Zealand because we did a heck of a lot of driving.  So, I might just say that in terms of overall landscape, how their environment was – New Zealand was the best place.

Aja: New Zealand was just so different from any place I had ever been in my life.  New Zealand was like it was straight out of a storybook.  Just beautiful.  It was like a painting. 

Well, what do you two have going on in the future?  What are you up to right now? 

Ty: Like i said, I’m living in LA and currently I work for a school district and helping them with their accounting and payroll department.  Aja is going to become a world-renowned actress. 

Aja: He is being a bit modest right now.  He has taken some great pictures and he’s gonna hopefully get a print agent soon and do some modeling stuff and possibly go into acting or hosting.  And, I’m pursuing my career in acting as I was doing before the race.  That’s pretty much what going with us.

-Interview Conducted by Oscar Dahl
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