They tried their best.  Marisa and Brooke struggled in all four of the legs they participated in during The Amazing Race 13, but they did so with a positive attitude.  They were a fun team, had a good time, didn’t allow any pettiness or anger seep into their game play but, unfortunately, they just weren’t that great of a team.  Sometimes people just aren’t cut out for The Amazing Race.  Thankfully, we had the opportunity to speak with Marisa and Brooke earlier this morning about their time on The Amazing Race.

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Hey this is Oscar Dahl from BuddyTV and I’m here with Marisa and Brooke form the Amazing Race 13.  Marisa, Brooke, how are you two doing?

Marisa: Good! How are you?

Brooke: Doing great.

Great. What was it like watching last night’s episode, was that kind of tough?

Marisa: It was really tough re-watching it.  We cried watching it last night.

It wasn’t totally clear what happened on your way to the harbor or on the rest of the leg.  What made you guys get lost?

Marisa: First of all, we were on the very back of the plane, this huge airplane. Everyone else got off before we got off.  And we took awhile to get through security, awhile to get to our car.  The whole thing was really frustrating – driving on the opposite side of the car, on the opposite side of the road, it was dark outside, I don’t drive very well at nighttime. Just trying to read the directions we had printed up on the internet.  It was a three hour drive to the harbor, we stopped at a gas station because we were getting a little bit turned around and we were going to follow a cop there and he ended up not showing up and he said that he would, so that wasted a lot of time right there and from then on a couple times we got lost, turned around and we had to stop and make sure we were on the right path.  That put us really far behind everybody.

Brooke: Basically everything we did that day, we had a problem, something happened to us.  It was very frustrating, because we didn’t want to give up.

Marisa: We just kept trying to stay positive and thinking “Maybe everybody else is just as lost as we are, maybe people get tired, maybe something happened to put them farther behind. 

Brooke: We knew when we got to Gulf Harbor, when we had to find the Knot, we knew we were very far behind because there were families on their yachts and they woke up and they were like “Oh, we heard y’all a long time ago, y’all are a little late.”  We knew we were far behind.

On the episode last night, they made it seem like you guys made a pretty big comeback. Do you know how far behind Aja and Ty you were?

Marisa: We were within minutes of them.  I think it was neck and neck.  They didn’t really know who was going to be eliminated until Aja and Ty showed up.

Brooke: It was really sad watching, it was so intense and we were like “God, what happened?  We could have done this.”

Over the course of the season, is there anything that CBS edited out that you wish they had shown of you guys?

Marisa: There are clips at that are really funny.  I wish the show were like an hour and a half. 

Brooke: We wish the shuttle scene when we met Dan and Andrew was there.  They were the first team we met.  Some of their interviews they kept saying, “We’re not gonna let a couple of girls get in the way of us.”  Then they were like “Oh, let’s help each other out.”  It was a fun scene to watch.

What was your favorite place to visit over those first four legs?

Brooke: I think we both loved New Zealand.  It was just gorgeous there. 

Marisa: Even though the whole time we were really frustrated and we were ready to be done with the leg, but it was gorgeous and I definitely want to go back.  Everyone was so nice. 

Brooke: The people there are wonderful.  Everyone there is so friendly. 

What was most different about the race than what you two expected going in?

Marisa:  Well, Brooke and I had studied it kind of before we watched previous seasons and we really admired Dustin and Kandice for an all-female team, so we kind of came up with strategies and took notes on what to do and what not to do, but watching it on TV is so much more different than actually doing it.  It looks so much more easier to watch.  So, I don’t think people realize how hard it is and how your body is drained, you’re exhausted, but you don’t want to give up because there’s that million dollars.

Marisa, Brooke what do you two have planned for the future?

Brooke: Um, well I just started a new job last week, I’m still doing Graphic Design in Columbia, whatever comes my way I’m up for anything.

Marisa: Same for me too.  I graduate in December, so I’m looking for jobs right now and hopefully something good comes along the way.

We wish you two luck in the future, and thank you for stopping by and talking to us. 

Thank you.

-Interview Conducted by Oscar Dahl
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