Scene 1: Hiro in the Magic Shop

A 15-second scene without any dialogue may not seem that exciting, but on Heroes, it can unlock countless secrets. The first part is understanding exactly what takes place during the scene. Hiro (Masi Oka) teleports himself into a Japanese magic shop, where he looks around and finds what he’s looking for: a trick sword. Then, as director Allan Arkush called out, Hiro looked for “the other thing.” He was referring to packets of fake blood.

Putting those two pieces together, it’s not easy to see the Heroes scene that comes before it. Hiro will agree to stab someone, but will use his abilities to make sure it only looks real. I’m not at liberty to say who Hiro’s fake stabbing victim is, but now that you’ve been spoiled, a potential shocking scene may not be so shocking since you now know it won’t be real.

Scene 2: Nathan and Tracy in the Car

This scene is even shorter than the first and with even less dialogue. At this time, it’s probably good to point out that we were on the Heroes set for about three hours, during which time they completed filming on just these two short scenes.

Obviously, this appears to be a scene of two people holding hands in a car. But for anyone who’s actually seen Heroes, who these people are raises a ton of questions. First, obviously, Ali Larter and Adrian Pasdar are back, despite being blown up and shot, respectively, in the season 2 finale. If your first impression was “Niki looks rather professional,” it could be because that’s not Niki. Or is it?

All we know for sure is that she calls herself Tracy Strauss and she’s a political operative, which explains the outfit and the fact that she’s spending time with Nathan Petrelli. Though she may be reluctant, it’s Nathan who engages in the handholding, because Pasdar told us that, as far as Nathan is concerned, this woman is Niki, Nathan’s former lover.

What do these two scenes mean in the larger context of the season? Episode 6 is scheduled to air October 20, so at that time we can revisit these scenes and fully understand their importance.


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