Six years ago a little show called Eureka premiered on Syfy. And since that day it has blossomed into a truly brilliant, underappreciated gem. The show follows a town created by the government and filled with super geniuses to create the most advanced technological achievements, though things go wrong all the time and a simple local sheriff with an IQ much lower than everyone else saves the day.

But Eureka is so much more than that. It’s a wacky comedy, a hardcore sci-fi adventure, an intense relationship drama and more. It’s probably the closest America will ever come to producing a Doctor Who-esque show in terms of tone.

So it’s with a heavy heart that I say goodbye to what has become one of my favorite shows in the last two years. Eureka has had altered timelines, virtual realities, robots and, for the finale, spontaneous wormholes. As much as I love the sci-fi elements, it’s the town and the characters I will miss the most.

It’s fitting that the series finale is all about the government shutting down the town of Eureka. The characters all struggle to say goodbye to this place they love and, in a nice added twist, Holly Marten (Felicia Day), whose memory was released wiped after she was brought back to life, is just discovering the wonders Eureka has to offer.

There’s Cafe Diem, the local diner with a freezer so big that chef Vincent (Chris Gauthier, who has been a loveable recurring guest star since the pilot) can cook anything you want. There’s SARAH the talking house and her lover, the robotic Deputy Andy. There’s Henry (Joe Morton), the moral center of the town. And so on.

The finale does a perfect job of saying goodbye to everyone while also bringing back many familiar faces. It wouldn’t be the end if Sheriff Carter’s daughter Zoe and animal expert Taggert weren’t there. And there are several other memorable returning stars with some big surprises in store.

The finale of Eureka does exactly what fans will want it to do. The title, “Just Another Day,” is perfect. Indeed, as everyone packs up to leave, wormholes show up to threaten the town, leaving Sheriff Carter to save the day again. There are also plenty of big moments for all the major characters and promising glimpses into their potential futures.

And for fans who still remember the opening of the pilot, the finale has one incredibly stunning twist that will definitely leave a smile on your face.

It’s sad to say goodbye to Eureka, but it’s great to see it go out on top. The fifth season has been the show’s best, creatively, and the finale is as close to perfect as a series finale can be. I’m disappointed Eureka never seemed to catch on the way it should, but with any hope fans for generations to come will find it on DVD on in reruns and discover the joy the show gave me for the past six years.

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John Kubicek

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