Melissa & Joey will be giving Sabrina the Teenage Witch fans a little treat tonight as it sets the stage for a mini reunion between Melissa Joan Hart, Elisa Donovan and David Lascher. Donovan previously played the superficial and over-assertive Morgan on the ABC fantasy sitcom while Lascher played Josh, who served as a love interest to both Morgan and Hart’s Sabrina.

When asked how they felt about their upcoming guest stint on Melissa & Joey, both Donovan and Lascher were very excited to be working with each other again. “I was just thrilled at the whole plan,” Donovan said in an interview. “At first I didn’t know that David was going to be on the show, and then when I got the script, I just thought, this is just fantastic. Because there’s obviously such a history between all of us, and to come back and all work together as adults was just fantastic.”

On tonight’s episode entitled “Catch and Release,” Joey (Joey Lawrence) gets in trouble after he attempts to help his single friend Charlie get back into the dating pool. “I play Charlie, who is Joey’s recently divorced friend, happily divorced friend, which was so much fun to play, because Joey’s in a committed relationship, and I am constantly talking about how great it is to be single again and find other women attractive again,” Lascher revealed. 

Donovan’s character, on the other hand, isn’t aware that Joey has a girlfriend. “I play a woman who David’s character and Joey meet in a bar,” she explained. “Joey is being the wing man for David’s character. Then I wind up being the museum curator at an event that Melissa has to attend and speak to me at, and she discovers that the two of us have been in contact, and then you’ll see what happens after that.”

Get a sneak peek at “Catch & Release”

Though Hart, Donovan and Lascher have kept in touch since Sabrina ended more than a decade ago, Melissa & Joey marks the first on-screen reunion of the trio together. Asked whether they would consider doing a formal reunion, Donovan and Lascher are definitely on board.

“It’s always fun, and you grow up with your fans, then you all come across each other as adults and then you can find yourselves in similar situations,” Donovan said.  “It’s just a really nice way for people also to see that actors are normal people too. That we have lives and we have challenges and we have successes and we have families and we have friends–you know, I just feel like that aspect of it is important, too.”

Meanwhile, both Donovan and Lascher are also busy working on their respective projects. “I am doing a couple of web series at the moment,” Donovan said. “I’ve done the voice for Cheryl Sandburg’s best-selling book, Lean In.  It came out last year, and they are releasing another book April 8, that is specifically geared toward graduates, Lean In for Graduates.  So, that is available then.”

“I’m just finishing my first film that I wrote and directed, called Sister, that’s premiering at the Tribeca Film Festival on April 25, with Barbara Hershey and Reid Scott and John Heard,” Lascher revealed. “So, I’m really excited about that!”  

Melissa & Joey airs Wednesdays at 8pm on ABC Family.

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