After a couple of spin-off movies, the irrepressible Nickelodeon teen duo Drake Bell and Josh Peck have another offering to their fans this Christmas, with the two-hour special Merry Christmas, Drake and Josh premiering tonight at 8pm.  The two are also producers for the movie.

The television movie opens with Drake and Josh doubling as Santa and Santa’s helper at the mall, when foster child Mary Alice, played by Bailee Madison, asks Drake to give her and her family the “best Christmas ever.”  As expected as it always happens on the show, Drake has Josh arrested for doing something stupid.  When Josh lands in jail, Drake is forced to get him out.  Yet in order to stay out of jail, Drake must keep true to his promise of giving that little girl the best Christmas ever.  However, the parole officer, played by David Pressman, is on their heels and wants him to fail. Now this is where everything goes haywire.

Some critics point out that Drake and Josh – who are both 22 – are way above their intended mostly tween fan base.  Yet a recent outing by the two at this year’s Nickelodeon Teen Choice Awards proved that Drake and Josh are still at their game. In fact, another movie was in the works – Drake and Josh in New York!

Most of the main cast of the sitcom also appear in the movie, including Miranda Cosgrove, who plays Megan the evil stepsister and is the star of her own show iCarly, movie theater boss Helen played by Yvette Nicole Brown and Crazy Steve played by Jerry Trainor

Bell’s credits include Superhero Movie, College, and The Neon Bible, plus guest spot on Zoey 101.  He also starred with Cosgrove in Yours, Mine, and Ours.  Also a musician, Bell sings a lot in the series.  Meanwhile, Peck voiced the character of Eddie in Ice Age and Ice Age II: The Meltdown.  The two have starred on Drake and Josh: Really Big Shrimp and Drake and Josh Go Hollywood.

Catch Merry Christmas Drake and Josh tonight on Nickelodeon at 8pm.

-Glenn L. Diaz, BuddyTV Staff Columnist
Source: Los Angeles Times, Nickelodeon
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Glenn Diaz

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