When it comes to its heroes, Supernatural has stayed the same for a long time. There’s Sam and Dean, then Castiel, and that’s about it. But on the villain side, the show has evolved a lot, perhaps too much.

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In the early seasons, there was typically a single Big Bad, maybe with one or two villainous associates. We saw Azazel, Lilith, Lucifer, the Mother of All and the Leviathans in various seasons. For season 13, however, there are a ton of villains, all of whom seem like huge threats.

In theory, the major villain storyline of season 13 is Apocalypse World’s Michael who is attempting to invade the real world and conquer it. There’s also Asmodeus, the new ruler of Hell, who is trying to get Jack so he can unleash the Shedim, an incredibly dangerous and unknown species of monsters, on the Earth. Asmodeus is also working with Mr. Ketch, a recurring minor villain from the British Men of Letters.

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If two major threats aren’t enough, now we have Lucifer ruling over Heaven with Amel by his side. That can’t be good. Then there’s the potential for Jack to turn evil and be a massive danger. And now even Castiel seems a bit questionable after he put Donatello into a coma to get the spell he needed.

That’s a lot of bad guys this season, and I’m not even done. What about Rowena, who tricked the boys and become even more powerful than ever before? Or Billie, the former Reaper who has taken over the role of Death? Or that surreal, all-powerful Cosmic Entity from the Void who held Cas captive?

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Supernatural season 13 clearly has a lot of balls in the air. There are villains everywhere and smaller threats lurking beneath the surface. The good news is that every single one of these potential Big Bads is interesting. The show has done a fantastic job at creating a dense mythology and an expansive multiverse of possibilities.

The bad news is that it’s too much of a good thing. The show might be better served to handle these one at a time. In season 13 we’ll see Michael in one episode, then he’ll go away for the next two or three as the show bounces around to Asmodeus, then Lucifer, then someone else. Supernatural is moving in too many different directions, all at the same time.

The great irony is that the most recent episode ended with Sam and Dean reflecting on their faith that one day they might be able to stop all of the monsters. If that’s their goal then they’d better get started, because they’ve got a lot of monsters currently on their plates.

Do you think Supernatural has too many villains? Which one is your favorite?

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