India Gants has officially been crowned the winner of America’s Next Top Model for cycle 23. And now that she has won out over the others, there’s a question of whether she deserves be the winner. The new model, who many have said looks like she could be her inspiration Gigi Hadid’s long-lost twin, did come a long way since her first day in the competition. Still, some of the superstar judges were worried about whether India really had a star factor that would make her stand out from the other hopefuls.

I have to say I don’t envy the judges at all, as both India and the semi-finalist Tatiana Price were amazing contenders. They both offer different but important assets to the industry.

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Even though the other girls grew and developed during the season, even Rita Ora couldn’t deny that India has “made the biggest transformation.” That alone has proved that she has what it takes to succeed not only in the competition but as a model. She has pushed through despite not always being their top choice and really made a point to stick it out until the end. If she doesn’t have it all when it comes to the talent, her determination certainly makes up for the rest.

Model Ashley Graham added in the season finale that India didn’t have the ability to make girls envy her as a model. But I have to say I agree with Rita that this can be developed over time. Still, these days, girls don’t really want to envy other women anymore. Maybe they want someone who they can relate to when it comes to their battling and overcoming their insecurities. If this is the case, I can see why India won the competition.

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But it wasn’t just India’s potential that won over some of the judges. She also won when it came to having the best pictures in the competition. Even though I’m happy about India’s win, I do love Tatiana as well so I really hope that she doesn’t stop here but continues to follow her dreams. On top of that she was so classy and graceful when she found out she didn’t win the competition so I can’t help but wish her the best.

I think India absolutely deserved to win. I mean, look at the transformation she’s made since the blonde hair. She might be a girl who’s still trying to find herself, but the idea that she can rock a unique look like purple hair proves she’s confident and has the star power, in my book. As far as her skill, she dominated many of the photos over the other girls. In fact, that played a huge part in why she got as far as she did.

What do you think about India winning the ultimate prize? Do you agree with Ashley Graham and Law Roach that India doesn’t have star power? Who was your favorite contestant on America’s Next Top Model this season?

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Char Little

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