Four couples have reached the finale of Dancing with the Stars season 25, but only three will be left standing on the last night. The two-night finale kicks off with the final performances, including the Freestyle round, but one couple will be eliminated at the end of Monday’s show.

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The decision is painfully obvious to everyone watching and probably to the contestants and judges as well. There are three very strong couples left and one that should simply be lucky to be there. But after David Ross made it to second place last season, anything is possible.


58: Jordan Fisher
57: Lindsey Stirling
51: Frankie Muniz
48: Drew Scott

It’s clearly Drew’s time to go. He’s at the bottom of the leaderboard (again), he has the lowest average score for the season (even worse than both Victoria and Vanessa) and he hasn’t received a single 10 from any of the judges (not counting the team dance). In fact, except for his Halloween Charleston, Drew hasn’t even received a 9 from either Len Goodman or Bruno Tonioli.

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He’s the worst dancer left and he has no business still being in the competition or making it to the Top 3. Reaching the finale is his achievement, kind of like Emma Slater’s first partner, Bill Engvall. But the Property Brothers stars seems to have a very strong fan base, and if he gets enough votes, he can certainly be a spoiler.

If Drew does stay, it would probably be at the expense of Frankie, who is only three points ahead of Drew. Frankie has been an absolute delight, a hard-working and likeable surprise that has captured everyone’s hearts. But he may have peaked too soon. Frankie hit highs a few weeks ago between his Disney Argentine Tango and his captivating Movie Night Contemporary routine. He has yet to recreate that magic and, instead, seems to be struggling to keep up as the show demands more.

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It seems doubtful that Jordan or Lindsey could go home given how far ahead they are on the leaderboard, but given how likeable Frankie and Drew are, they may be getting so many votes that it costs one of the best dancers a spot in the Top 3. If popularity matters more than dancing, Lindsey would probably be the shocker.

However, I have faith that the viewers will do the right thing. I predict that Drew Scott and Emma Slater will be eliminated. They had an amazing, improbable run and getting to the finale against better dancers like Vanessa, Victoria, Nikki, T.O. and maybe even Sasha is victory enough.

Who do you think will go home in fourth place?

The two-night Dancing with the Stars season 25 finale airs Monday at 8/7c and Tuesday at 9/8c on ABC. For more DWTS updates, follow BuddyTV’s Dancing with the Stars Facebook page.

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