And then there were seven.

After the dust of Dancing with the Stars‘ dreaded double elimination has settled, we have seven remaining couples this season. And thanks to a dance-off, Michael Irvin and Anna Demidova, easily one of the worst performing couples to reach this far, is one of them.

A lot has been said about unfairness of it all, considering that better, better dancers were eliminated before Michael – Natalie Coughlin, Debi Mazar, and even Melissa Joan Hart to a certain a extent. But what irked a lot of DWTS fans and puzzled many was that his survival happened on a dance-off, over which the judges, not the obviously legions of football fans, had control (no offense to football fans).

We droned on and on about the voting portion of Dancing with the Stars sort of rendering the whole point of the judging useless, but see what happens when the same decision is given to the hands of the mighty judges? They couldn’t possibly hold Michael Irvin in high regard. In the previous night’s competition mambo, for instance, he and Anna were the first couple to go, a glaring confirmation that they are indeed the worst couple left.

Now did Michael really dance better than Louie Vito in the dance-off? That’s hardly something you can explicitly and categorically proclaim, but we both saw them, and we know Michael couldn’t muster rhythm and musicality to save his life.

The good news is that Michael Irvin actually landed in the bottom three, a fate he had once managed to escape week in and week out. Who knows, if he actually improves and gets at least mediocre, maybe he can even reach the finals? Impossible? No one guessed he would be part of the top 7.

– Glenn Diaz, BuddyTV Staff Columnist
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Glenn Diaz

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