John O’Hurley and professional dance partner Charlotte Jørgensen, former runners-up on Dancing with the Stars season one, is reliving their dance partnership by releasing an instructional DVD.

With the intention to educate people that “You don’t have to be a star to dance like one,” the pair has created a DVD entitled Learn to Dance with John and Charlotte. Produced by BayView Entertainment LLC, the dance DVD features the duo as they teach ordinary people how to dance just like on ABC’s Dancing with the Stars.

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Anonymous said: This would be so cool! They were my favorite couple the first season! They always knew how to put on a show…

O’Hurley, a 52-year old actor and TV host, is known for his work on The Great American Celebrity Spelling Bee, To Tell the Truth, General Hospital, and Santa Barbara among others. He is currently the host of Family Feud.

As for his dance partner Jørgensen, she is known as an accomplished World Amateur Champion. She has recently retired from the dance loop and has pursued a career as a coach and ballroom trainer.

Despite the pair’s efforts during the first season of Dancing with the Stars, they have placed second in the competition, losing to soap opera star Kelly Monaco and her professional dance partner Alec Mazo. However, viewers, creating much complaints and accusations of foul play, have not taken O’Hurley’s defeat lightly. Consequently, ABC has decided to create a special episode where O’Hurley and Monaco battled each other on the dance floor with their respective partners. This time, O’Hurley and Jørgensen have won the rematch.

The two-DVD set, which is scheduled for release on July 31 and will be available on stores nationwide, is priced at $24.99. Apart from the step-by-step process on the routines on the show like cha-cha, rumba and waltz, the DVD set also includes behind the scenes footage, a question and answer portion, some bloopers, and Jørgensen’s “Build a Dancer’s Body” workout routine.

-Kris De Leon, BuddyTV Staff Columnist

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