The LOST mobisodes have been one of the shows most elusive mysteries;  promised for almost three years, the mobisode project has been pushed back so many times fans had practically given up.   Finally, when LOST fans need them most, the mobisodes are on their way to give LOST fans some much needed island mystery stimulus through the torturous eight month wait.  The only question is, what the heck is a mobisode?

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Jane said: I agree, those are great chaacters…..incorporate them into mobi or TV show

night said: What about Mittelwork, Rachel Blake and Alvar Hanso???? Bring them back into play.

jazzy said: Will these feature the technically dead characters in Lost, such as Charlie, Boone, Ana Lucia, and others? …

Mobisodes, as it turns out, are mini-episodes produced specifically for mobile phones.  Don’t worry, if you don’t have the network of choice, in this case Verizon, the Mobisodes will appear online shortly after being made available to phone users – in spots sponsored by Verizon no doubt.

The plot of the mobisodes is something of a mystery.  Show runners Carlton Cuse and Damon Lindelof have indicated to the press, as reported yesterday in The Hollywood Reporter, that the mobisodes will run for around 90 minutes and should not be confused as an abbreviated version of the show.  Despite that, the LOST mobisodes will reveal information that viewers would not be able to get from the show.

Part of the reason for the delay was getting the cast on-board.   Despite the lightened production process, it was apparently a bit of a task to get all of the primary cast on board to film the segments.  None the less, the creators felt it was worth the time and expense to create something that would feature the characters fans have come to know and love. 
“Nobody wanted to see two people sitting on a beach that we’ve never heard of talking and saying, ‘Hey, did you hear what Jack and Kate did today?’ You want to see Jack and Kate. It’s taken us three years to get those deals in place.” Lindelof said.

A firm date for the debut of the mobisodes has yet to be released.  A safe bet would be somewhere adjacent to the San Diego comic con, which would allow the creators to debut the mobisodes premiere on the big screen prior to their usually revealing panel.

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