On Dance Moms, the girls and moms have been living under the threat of being replaced. This week, Abby starts the open audition process. Who will stay? Who will go? Will adding new members to the team help Abby to win?

Pittsburgh: Pre-Competition

In Pittsburgh, the girls arrive with Payton arriving first. Leslie talks to Abby, who informs her that she takes everything too personal. Jill interrupts by giving Abby a pair of earrings. While Leslie sees it as a bribe, Abby tells us Kendall is in the hot seat.

When all enter the studio, Abby reminds everyone that open auditions will look for the next “big thing.” She also brags about all the mail she gets from potential dancers. Christie knows that Chloe is one Abby plans to replace.

Abby asks Maddie and MacKenzie to help with the auditions, which immediately starts a mom war. Later, after Abby asks the moms to tweet about the auditions, Holly states that what Abby wants is for the moms to tweet so all girls can be replaced. Abby admits it later as the moms leave the studio.

Abby is upset over the loss of first place in solos in Ohio. Payton is at the bottom and Leslie is upset. Kendall, Nia and Paige also are at the bottom. Chloe comes in second, which means Maddie is at the top. Abby tells us in an aside that she’s looking for an entirely new group and only Maddie is safe.

Maddie has a solo called “Down My Spine.” MacKenize will perform “Take It to Go.” The trio’s number will feature Brooke (lead), and Chloe and Paige as back-up. This ’40s jazz number, “See No Evil, Hear No Evil, Speak No Evil,” is being performed so that Kelly knows that Abby should be in charge of Brooke’s singing/dancing career. Kelly knows this and tells us that this is something that she and Brooke want to do on their own. The lyrical group routine is called “Smells Like Team Spirit.”

Upstairs, the moms are upset over the open auditions. Melissa, with two daughters helping, is tweeting away. Jill is upset because Chloe got the trio and not Kendall. She feels that Chloe had an unfair advantage with the change of performance backstage. Jill is so upset over Kendall never getting the breaks of others and Leslie throws the gifts in her face. No matter, Jill’s mind won’t be changed that Kendall is better than the rest.

While Maddie rehearses, MacKenzie is waiting on Abby because Abby wants her in character. She tells us that MacKenzie could watch Maddie learn new technique while she gets her feet rubbed.

Orlando: Auditions and Competition

When Abby arrives at the open call, she is greeted by a crowd of waiting potential students. She thinks she will find the perfect girls to dance with Maddie. She even tells parents that dancing for her is a job. She wants someone who can come in first when Maddie isn’t dancing, which upsets Melissa. Abby wants a dancer who can do it all. She dismisses many students, sending them to their parents in tears. She then pulls a stunt that has a mother calling her on pre-dance instructions and Abby dismisses that student because of the parent. A parent dissolves in tears and Melissa tries to comfort her.

The team arrives and Abby again tells us that someone will leave the group. Jill and Kendall are late, which upsets Abby, and this could hurt Kendall. Holly asks if she found the “amazing performer” and Abby tells her she found many.

Maddie dances first. Tonight, she seems a little off, but that could be Abby’s choreography. Melissa cries after the performance. MacKenzie is cute, but I’ve seen a similar routine from her before. The trio comes out looking fantastic but have problems. Kelly tells us that Brooke’s routine was different and that she looked amazing.

Backstage, Abby tells MacKenzie that she doesn’t believe in herself. Gia comes in and announces that Payton has fallen. It’s a tendon issue and she is taken out on a stretcher in pain. Jill sees the injury as a break for Kendall.

The reblocked dance is performed with the girls trying to be professionals. The dance is good and Abby thinks that the reblocking worked. Is it good enough to win?

Awards are presented and MacKenzie has the highest score in the Mini Solos. In the elite junior solos, Maddie gets the highest score. Both have placed first. The trio scores second place. In the group, the girls get first with the highest score in their group placement. Backstage, Maddie and MacKenzie are announced as safe. Payton will be the one replaced. Kendall is definitely in trouble due to Jill.

Next week on Dance Moms (which airs Tuesdays at 9pm on Lifetime), Chloe and Kendall have solos again. And Cathy has a team of all boys.

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