On this week’s episode of The Real Housewives of Atlanta, man problems abound. Kordell and Porsha can’t meet in the middle. Cynthia and Peter are dealing with the fact that the honeymoon is over. Kenya’s father visits and his personality is even harsher than his daughter’s. And Todd is growing increasingly less interested in staying in Atlanta full time.

I’m still recovering from Chuck Smith introducing NeNe to the kids of the Boys & Girls Club of Savannah as one of “America’s top actresses.” Not to mention listening to Chuck break a sweat trying to minimize his relationships with both exes, Kandi and Phaedra. Any fool can see he’s using the show as a platform to get out of hot water with wife Mynique. But a new week brings new drama or, in the case of Peter and Cynthia, more hostile banter.

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Don’t Mess with Your Exes

Phaedra sings NeNe’s praises to Kandi who’s a bit confused at NeNe’s sudden change in attitude regarding the bootylicious attorney. Has she forgotten the never-ending hot and cold relationship that NeNe and Kim shared? 

It’s not long before the real reason behind Phaedra’s visit to Kandi is exposed. She shares Chuck’s over-inflated self interpretation of himself and his “admirers” Kandi and Phaedra. These exes get the last word when they call into question the size of Chuck’s “manhood.” Let’s just say Kandi is not singing his praises. She thinks Chuck’s dredging up the past and rewriting it to boost his own popularity and overcompensate for his own insecurity.

Sex and the Sister

Cynthia, trying to make the best of her sister Malorie’s (“Mal”) extended visit, decides it would be great to have a trunk show featuring her sibling’s jewelry. Maybe Mal will scrape up enough change to buy herself a one-way ticket home.

Mal (and her baubles) is once again causing discord between Cynthia and Peter. Although even Cynthia admits Mal’s presence isn’t the core issue. Right on cue, Peter shows up and makes it very clear that the news of Mal’s surprise stay warranted a private one-on-one with the old ball and chain. So if Mal isn’t feeling the love, that’s at least part of the reason. Cynthia steps up and takes responsibility for leaving the man of the house out in the cold.

Mal, who can’t seem to stand not riling Peter, brings up him and Cynthia’s lackluster sex life. This twosome is most definitely not feeling the love right now. Well, Peter wants to feel it, but Cynthia is harboring some longstanding grudges and is getting revenge by passive-aggressively withholding the nookie.

Daddy Dearest

Kenya’s dad, Ronald, comes to visit his daughter in Atlanta for the first time, and before they’ve hit the highway, he comments on Kenya’s ashy-looking feet. He and Porsha obviously have a similar philosophy on foot care. Ronald didn’t raise Kenya because he was only 16 at the time she was born. Kenya was raised by his mother instead.

She ought to be thankful he’s not a hands-on dad because all he does is criticize from the get-go. He’s not a fan of her house, the furnishings or her taste in general. He also lacks the good manners not to say so.

Shockingly, Kenya confides in Ronald that she wants to have a family, but issues from her past are blocking her from moving forward. When she declares she needs to deal with her mama, her dad tells her in no uncertain terms that she can forget about that. He tells Kenya that her mother insists they make a vow not to tell anyone about their baby girl. Kenya wants to know why she has been persona non grata since emerging from the womb, but Ronald will only tell her that she has to let it go. 

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Put a Price on It

Porsha and Kordell are back to square one. After their latest mediation meeting, neither is budging in their demands. Maybe Porsha should have waited before buying an 8,000 square-foot house for herself and her three tiny dogs. Now, their case goes before a judge. Porsha’s lawyer warns her that she comes across as successful, which doesn’t work in her favor. That’s what happens when you spend a ton of money on national television as a cast member of a popular reality show. He tells her they are going to have to come up with a monetary figure, but Porsha believes everything she did for Kordell is priceless. She says she quit her job to take care of him and his child. Or, was that the staff?

Falling Flat

Kandi is immersed in the production of her musical and is excited to be working with Todd. The feeling may not be mutual since he’s entertaining an offer to join the crew of a show that would have him traveling internationally. Kandi breaks down, worn out from tension in their relationship. She’s just too independent and stubborn to ask him to stay and help her; she doesn’t want to stand in his way. But it can’t feel good to have your man looking for any and every chance to leave town. Even if this musical sounds destined to be a major flop.

Another person bailing on Kandi’s latest project is NeNe. She dodged and weaved in Savannah when Kandi sprung the idea on the group and specifically asked NeNe to be involved. But she makes it clear to Cynthia and Kenya that she’s not going from Ryan Murphy (Glee, The New Normal) to a Kandi Burruss production.

Ultimatums and Unsolicited Advice

Phaedra and Kandi check out Porsha’s new abode but have their reservations. Apparently, her house is a bit too far from the hustle and bustle of the big city. Phaedra has no problem voicing her concern on how Porsha is managing, or failing to manage, her money. Porsha hands them her line about faking it until she makes it, but Phaedra and Kandi tell her it’s the other way around.

The ladies question where Porsha stands with Kordell. After all, she was acting like a giggly school girl in Savannah. Her options were to come back home and live with her husband while he’s possibly on the down low, verbally and physically abusive and definitely controlling. Or, they can finish what he started. For once, Porsha made the smart move. 

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Shopping and Popping Off

The night of the trunk show arrives, and Cynthia is anxious for her girls to dig into their deep pockets and get Mal out of her guestroom and on to the next available flight. Cynthia finds out that Porsha has moved into NeNe’s neighborhood, but hasn’t bothered to let the queen bee know. Since NeNe’s lectured Porsha about friendship being a two-way street while the group was in Savannah, Cynthia foresees some possible conflict. Porsha’s reasoning is that she wants it to be a surprise. So much so that she tells the girls not to divulge any info to NeNe.

Malorie quickly finds out that it’s not just Peter who thinks her surprise two-month visit is inconsiderate. Phaedra and Kenya come down on her pretty hard. She claims that she and Cynthia are close enough to do that type of thing, but even Cynthia doesn’t have her sister’s back. Malorie tells Kenya to stop agitating the situation, which only makes Kenya want to act up more. Cynthia finally pulls her sister aside and advises her to pick her battles.

NeNe arrives in all her glory with Mynique in tow. Kenya can’t wait to rat out Porsha, and NeNe takes the slight on Porsha’s end personally and announces to Phaedra that she doesn’t think Porsha is a good friend. Kandi lets Porsha know that NeNe’s likely to be on the war path. Sure enough, when Porsha approaches her, NeNe isn’t interested in hearing about surprises. More noticeably, Porsha is more concerned about finding out who blabbed.

Porsha scurries off and starts bawling, and NeNe approaches her and apologizes. I think she feels bad kicking a girl when she’s down, but she’s also getting fed up with all the self-pity. Kenya is also over Porsha’s tears and lets everyone in attendance know loud and clear. I think that might be some of her daddy’s influence on top of her already abrasive personality. She twirls her behind right out of the building.

Porsha admits that she’s been needy with a side of extra needy lately, and that she’s not oblivious to her behavior. NeNe says the only reason she keep confronting Porsha is because she knows the woman is capable of doing better. The confrontation ends in hugs, but if Porsha doesn’t straighten up, lord help her if she finds herself on NeNe’s bad side for good.

The Real Housewives of Atlanta airs Sundays at 8pm on Bravo.

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