This week’s Dance Moms recap begins on a serious note. I have just learned that Abby’s mom, Maryen Lorraine Miller, died Saturday, February 8, 2014. I extend my condolences to Abby and all the dancers Mrs. Miller touched along her long career. To read more, visit the Abby Lee Dance Company here.

This week’s episode is being billed as one to remember. Considering Abby’s opinion of her dancers, I’m sure she’s behind it. Let’s get to the action!

The Practice Room in Pittsburgh

At the pyramid, Abby is happy about the group routine that was the highest scoring routine but not happy with the other dances. Jill asks her about “new” Chloe, and Abby tells all about her newest scheme. She is going to cast a new elite junior team to challenge the present team. Jill sees it as the beginning of the end for the girls, and Abby tells us she knows what she wants. Maddie will always have a spot on any team (and the diva smiles).

The pyramid has Chloe, Kendall and Nia on the bottom. When asked why, Nia tells Abby it is because they didn’t win. Nia has started to speak her mind. I’m glad! Mackenzie joins them, while Brooke and Paige are the second row. Of course, Maddie is back at the top.

This week’s trip to Sheer Talent in New York has Paige and Brooke doing solos. Paige and Chloe will perform a duet called “Wishbone.” Everyone is in the group dance called “Elegant Revenge.” Abby’s third open call will have Chloe and Christi there with Brooke, Paige and Kelly in New York on Friday. Maddie and Kalani are attending a competition that same weekend in Pittsburgh doing a duet (“Two Sapphires”).

The moms are upset about the new team of elite dancers. Kalani comes in and Abby tells her to watch Brooke’s part because she may have to fill in at the performance. Kelly is watching everything quietly from the moms’ area. While worried about Paige, Kelly is trying to put a positive spin on the situation.

Next, Abby lectures Paige while the moms work on costumes upstairs. Brooke runs her “Purple Reign” routine in costume. Paige’s dance is “Ooh-La-La” and is a can-can style acro-routine.

New York, Here They Come

The girls arrive in New York with people shouting for Chloe. Abby’s proud of her past success on the “Great White Way.” The room is full with potential new members for the new team. Christi asks Abby to teach the girls the routine before the audition. Abby doesn’t like Paige and Brooke’s rehearsal attire and Kelly tells them to change to a black leotard. Chloe starts crying because she is scared of what Abby is doing.

While the new dancers look good, Abby doesn’t see any perfect dancers. She tells us that she is building a team of Maddies who will be unstoppable. One of the potential moms argues with Abby for asking her daughter to leave. Abby gives her a second chance, but she can’t out-dance Paige.

In the dressing room, we learn that the group and duet won at NUVO. Abby lectures the girls on using their face and attitude. Kelly is backstage offering Paige encouragement. She takes the stage and the routine looks cute (if slightly young for her). The can-can portion really needs a group, though. Abby sees problems.

Brooke takes the stage and looks elegant in a typical Brooke routine. Abby thinks that she has no energy.

The duet is preparing to take the stage. We learn from Melissa and Abby that Kalani and Maddie are going to perform their duet from NUVO. While Melissa wants it as an exhibition number, Abby is determined to enter it for a win. I have a feeling that fireworks are coming!

Abby isn’t ashamed of entering Maddie and Kalani and sees the competition as show business. A trophy and first place is more like it. The routine is good, but to me it actually looks like it could have been done by Maddie alone as the girls are mirror images. My one big problem is that the music ends before the dance, but Abby’s happy. Kelly sees this as Abby’s sabotage because she wants to replace Paige and Brooke.

Chloe and Paige take the stage for “Wishbone.” The number has some opposition work for the dancers and both have more animation in their face than Maddie and Kalani did. The moms tells us that Maddie lied to Chloe backstage.

As the moms wait for the girls outside the dressing room, Kelly and Christi tells Melissa she is a liar. Maddie later tries to cover herself, but Chloe isn’t buying it. Maddie, the diva, sees nothing wrong with performing the routine. Abby enters with Kalina and announces that she is joining the team.

Discussion starts about whether Brooke should perform, or if Kalani should instead. After handing Kalina’s mom the costume, Abby denies she ever said anything about Brooke. Wow! Abby is in Kelly’s face yelling, and Kelly slaps her and pulls Abby’s hair. Abby calls Kelly crazy, and Holly takes the girls out to start damage control. Abby is in the bathroom calling the cops to arrest Kelly. Christi is talking to Kelly when Holly enters and advises Kelly to leave. When offered an ambulance, Abby turns the police down. Kelly and the girls are driven away.

Holly tells us that without Brooke and Paige, there is a void in the team. Abby runs the routine and lets us know that she is finished with Kelly. The group takes the stage and Christi joins the audience sitting alone.  Maddie is the “star” of the routine, which doesn’t appear to have any dancers missing. Melissa says that Abby needs to stick with the present team.

At awards, Paige wins fifth place and Brooke wins fourth, but neither girls are there for their awards. The duet gets second and Chloe accepts the award while Maddie and Kalani win first. Christi tells us that Maddie has just lost friends and hurt kids. Abby celebrates as the girls win first. Later, when asked about Kelly and her girls, Abby says the team is about to change.

Maybe the big award for this week’s show should go to Abby and Kelly. This show’s ratings have slipped some and the fight may help spike interest again. Do I think Kelly assaulted Abby? No, I don’t because Abby started the fight by poking her finger in Kelly’s face. The fight between Christi and Leslie was more assault than this! Abby was putting Kelly in her place and getting Brooke and Paige off the squad. Abby also sent a message to the other mothers not to mess with her.

Next week, Kelly isn’t allowed at the studio. Mackenzie wants to audition. Melissa’s lying comes into play. And Nia has a breakdown. 

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