After rewatching last week’s Dance Moms, I stand by my recap. I will add that Abby is being abusive, not challenging, and is hurting the girls who have danced with her since they were babies. The moms have a right to be angry. Maddie is showing diva tendencies. We know that Abby bans Kelly from the studio. So without Kelly, what will Christi do?

Rehearsal Time and Abby’s Complaints

Abby tells the front desk person to write a letter to Kelly that they are no longer a part of the team. Kira and Kalani will be joining the team tonight and Abby couldn’t be happier. At the pyramid, we all know what is coming. Abby tells the moms that the face of Abby Lee is changing. Brooke and Paige are off the team. Maddie and Melissa don’t look upset. At pyramid, Mackennzie is warned she could be gone. Kalani is at the top. How about that! A new member beats the old dancers, even Maddie.

This week the group will be at FIERCE National Dance in Woodridge, Virginia. Holly is thanked for taking control of the girls and Nia gets a solo. Chloe and Maddie will dance together and Chloe isn’t happy. Kalani and Kendall will perform together. Mackenzie won’t be dancing a special dance because she will be getting ready to record two songs in Los Angeles. Melissa tells us Mackenzie is excited. I think Melissa is more excited than her daughter.

Rehearsal starts with the musical theater group dance, “Yum Yum.” Abby is pushing the group to look like a team. The moms think Abby is happy and say it is an ugly way that everything happened. Christi points out that Abby tried to bite Kelly’s face.

When Melissa asks the group over for wine and cheese, Christi refuses. As talk turns to the lie, Holly reminds us that Melissa will always chose Abby over any of the other moms (or kids). Low blow goes to Christi on the remark about Melissa’s two affairs.

At Melissa’s, all the moms but Christi come. Kira is on a fact-finding mission and the others are being honest about Christi and Kelly’s relationship. Jill tells Kira that, without Kelly, Christi has no buffer against Abby.

At the studio, Mackenzie is practicing, but the voice teacher isn’t happy. Abby wants Mackenzie to be a “star,” so she’s overseeing the rehearsal. Mackenzie is rapping (I think). She does get off-key at one point, but Abby wants more fire and personality. As she leaves, Mackenzie looks upset.

Kendall and Kalani are doing “Framed” and must work with a large picture frame. Abby isn’t happy with Kendall’s steps and yells at her. Holly and Christi talk about the lack of attention Nia has gotten.

Maddie and Chloe’s routine, “Confession,” is being rehearsed. Abby mentions that they may no longer be friends and this could hurt the duet. The routine has Chloe confessing to Maddie, which upsets Christi who tells us that Chloe must trust Maddie and she’s not sure that Chloe will do that.

The group continues rehearsal with Kalani getting a starring role. Holly tries to assure Christi that they are there for her, but last week is still haunting them. In the dressing room, Kalani tells her mother that she is worried about the duet and she’s surprised at how Abby yells at Kendall. I thought a duet was a team effort. I need to check the dictionary.

As the group rehearses, Christi admits that things will never return to what they were. Holly asks if Kelly wants to return and Christi hedges on her answers. When Melissa asks about whether Kelly got in trouble with the police, Kristi doesn’t answer.

As Holly watches, Nia finally gets some attention in the form of negative criticism. When Abby doesn’t like the way Nia does something, she walks out. Nia’s number is about renewal and is called “Down to the River.” Abby’s main concern is that she doesn’t see Maddie in Nia’s style. Holly tells us that Nia wants to prove she deserves a spot on the team. Kira tells Holly the dance is very mature.

Carry Me Back to the Virginia Comp

As the girls prepare for the duets and solo, Christi is not helping get the girls ready. Melissa feels that Christi has lost her buffer against Abby. Kira tells Kalani that whatever happens to the show, they are there there to stay. Holly gives Nia a pep talk as she leaves the dressing room.

First up is Kalani and Kendall. The latter seems a little tentative, while Abby makes notes. Up next is Maddie and Chloe with Maddie in front. Chloe works well with Maddie but doesn’t seem happy on stage or off. Chloe also has a fall-out.

Next up is Nia who is worried about her headpiece. She does a beautiful job until her headpiece slips. Nia cries in the dressing room where Holly finds her.

When Abby enters the dressing room, she attacks Christi for working on Nia’s headpiece. Christi says that everything is her fault and she is target number one. Abby doesn’t want to put pressure on Nia so she’s thinking of taking Nia’s solos away. Good move, Abby. You are the one causing pressure.

Christi apologizes to Nia about the headpiece, but Nia is still sad. Holly feels that she failed her. Kendall has been out-danced by Kalani. Abby then calls Mackenzie over to talk about Los Angeles. Melissa sees Mackenzie as Abby’s second chance at a singer.

As the group leaves for the stage, Abby tells them that the group number will decide who will perform next week. The group routine is typical Abby, who loves it.

At awards, the moms are confused since everyone is grouped in the same category. “Confession” ties for second. The group dance gets first. Kalani will stay another week. Kira is praised as a good dance mom. Abby asks Kira what the moms have say about Kelly, and announces that Kelly was arrested and they shouldn’t want her back.

Next week, Kelly is asked about the charges, which she can’t discuss. And her dismissal still causes problems. 

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