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After confirming that the HBO cult hit Curb Your Enthusiasm will in fact be back for at least a 10-episode seventh season, Curb actor and producer Jeff Garlin confirms that the earliest they can get season 7 on air is during the fall season of this year.  Variety reported previously that Curb Your Enthusiasm season 7 went back to production in December, but no exact premiere date has been set.

In an interview with Vern Glenn from KRON 4, Garlin confirmed that Curb Your Enthusiasm creator and star Larry David is in the process of writing the episodes for season 7, clarifying that pretty much of the show’s lines are improvised.

“Larry David writes a seven-page story. It’s the story of the episode.  Most of his sitcom scripts are about 35 pages, so ours is seven pages so we improvise all of the dialogue.  But the story is so condensed and great, so thank God he does that.”

Meanwhile, in other news, Entertainment Weekly reports that the cast of Seinfeld – Jerry Seinfeld, Julia Louis-Dreyfus, Jason Alexander, and Michael Richards – are set to appear in a multi-episode arc on Curb Your Enthusiasm season 7.  This means, of course, that the cast of the long-running comedy that went off air 11 years ago will reunite with Curb star and Seinfeld co-creator David.  Over its first six seasons, all three, except Richards, have made individual appearances on the HBO cult hit and their cameos seem to continue their relationship with David.

Another Curb star Cheryl Hines, who is currently starring on ABC comedy Into The Motherhood, has confirmed that she’ll back for Curb‘s seventh season, adding that her relationship with David, who plays his husband on the mockumentary, had been smooth so far because they “get along personally and sort of have a truth-speaking language with each other.”

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