While NCIS goes on break, cast member Lauren Holly is focusing her attention on director Mark Young’s upcoming film, The Least Among You.  This indie movie is currently shooting in Los Angeles and is expected to hit the theaters some time next year.

Based on a true story of Richard Kelly, The Least Among You centers on a promising young African-American student who loses his dream job upon graduating from college and becoming successful in the corporate world.  After he gets falsely arrested at the 1965 Watts riot, he is forced to serve probation time at a local seminary where he faces racial prejudice from professors and students.

With the support and motivation of the seminary president, he learns to break the color barrier and start a grass-roots awakening on the racist campus.  Amidst his bleak and hopeless pursuits, he encounters an elderly gardener who pushes him to endure the pain in order to discover his true identity.

In the movie, Holly, who is presently known as NCIS Director Jenny Shepard on the police procedural drama, portrays Kate Allison, a professor at the seminary who has become a closet drinker after losing her husband and two children while doing missionary work in Africa.

The 44-year-old NCIS actress, whose credits include Dumb & Dumber, Dragon: The Bruce Lee Story, and In Enemy Hands, among others, joins a bunch of talented actors consisting of Louis Gossett Jr. (Momentum, An Officer and a Gentleman), veteran actor William Devane (24), and newcomer Cedric Sanders as Richard Kelly.

“Sometimes it takes losing a dream to see one’s destiny,” director Mark Young said of the film.

The Least Among You is also described as a compelling film that will either provoke or inspire viewers.  This marks director Young’s latest project following the horror thriller Tooth & Nail.  This independent film maker is also responsible for movies such as Southern Gothic, Phreaker, and Dead Bodies.

-Kris De Leon, BuddyTV Staff Columnist

Source: Christian Newswire, The Hollywood Reporter
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Kris De Leon

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