As I write this, the folks at CSI: NY are shooting the first episodes of the sixth season.  I’m looking at Hill Harper’s tweets from the set, and his slightly amusing attempts at being interactive.  “You guys want me to wear glasses or not?” he asked as he prepared for a scene with Anna Belknap.  Looks like he did catch Twitter fever.

That aside, though, he’s got a handful of interesting thoughts about that cliffhanger ending which closed the fifth season a couple of months back.  You know, stuff about whether anybody will die, or what the new character will be up to when it all begins again–pretty much the same hyperactive questions I asked before.  And, since it’s Hill Harper talking, well…

The first question, then.  Who will survive the shooting that closed the last season?

Well, of course Harper won’t give any answers, but his thoughts are quite optimistic.  “I think everybody’s walking out,” he told fan site CSI Files.  “That’s just my personal feeling.  I’m pretty confident about that, but I think some people get injured, let’s put it that way.”

What about the new character?  Remember Kaye Sullivan?  She’s the newcomer to the team who’s expected to bring enthusiasm and that sexy vibe to the lab.  “I think that the new character is going to start out as a recurring,” Harper said.  “I don’t think [she’s] going to start out as a series regular per se, and if the audience responds and it works well, eventually [she] would become a regular.”

Harper also adds that they’re quite close to naming the person who’ll play Kaye.  “I know for a fact that there is an actress choice waiting to be confirmed,” he said.  “We should know extremely soon because she will be appearing very early in the season.”

He’s quite confident, actually, that the bets is yet to come for CSI: NY.  “I just think the show has gotten better and better and better and the chemistry among the actors is incredible,” he said.  “And that’s why I really think the next three years of CSI: NY are going to be the golden age of the show … I think our show is going to be the best procedural on television, period, over the course of the next three years.  I just think that the writers are so good and in a zone, the actors are really embodying their characters really well, and we’re just going to be great!”

That, and they’ll begin tweeting on set.  I’m game for that.

– Henrik Batallones, BuddyTV Staff Columnist

Source: CSI Files
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