The CW’s Supernatural seemed to have a rocky reentry ahead with news of the new characters dominating fan boards and fan’s anxieties in the months leading to the horror road shows return.  Now that it is back, however, fans and the press alike have turned their morbid fascination away from invading aliens and into the deepening mythology of the show that – for all intent and purposes – hasn’t missed a step.  If there were a single word to describe Supernatural’s return it would be “Consistent.”

In the sense of ratings, Supernatural’s numbers show that it’s core is alive and well and tuning in.  So far, the show has managed to average against its season two highs, and that has to be making somebody at the CW happy.   Recent DVR +7 data shows that if you account for all the viewers TiVoing Supernatural, the show enjoys a healthy 20 percent plus increase in viewership.

The big bad girls everybody was so worried about?  One has worked out to be the best twist of the season and her potential role as a demon operative trying to indoctrinate Sam into the dark side has fans talking about the serialized aspects of the show with renewed enthusiasm, something desperately needed in the wake of the defeat of yellow eyes.

As the show rolls into sweeps, the Supernatural writers are working overtime with story lines that mix the traditional with the bizarre, returning to a string of episodic tales to highlight Supernatural’s one shot appeal, reminding those who have yet to join up that Supernatural isn’t the thick, intricately plotted in media res that other, more demanding serials are. 

The episodes range from an interpretation of fairy tales in an eerie little town, a mystery involving people who drown without being near water, and a vampire episode featuring Angel and Buffy the Vampire Slayer alumni Mercedes McNab donning her fangs once again for  Supernatural fans.

– Jon  Lachonis, BuddyTV Senior Writer
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