Date Of Birth

November 13, 1956


American actor Rex Linn was born on November 13, 1956 in Ochiltree County, Texas. He started performing as a child, working the drums with his band during his high school years, and already had a fascination with films and acting. Despite a degree in communications at the Oklahoma State University, he was discouraged from acting after he almost demolished a set during a dance number in a school production. He settled for a banking career, but still landed small roles in television commercials, and later, for films. It was in the late 1980s when he got his first notable film role, in Dark Before Dawn, which happened to be co-produced by a friend. He also served as an associate producer for the film.

After his first major film role—in 1989’s Night Game—Linn moved to Los Angeles, where he trained as an actor and tried his luck for other film roles. After roles in features such as My Heroes Have Always Been Cowboys, Thunderheart and Sniper, aside from several television roles, he got his biggest break through a role in the action flick Cliffhanger. He appeared opposite Sylvester Stallone as treasury agent Richard Travers, who aids robbers in stealing huge amounts of currency.

Since then, Linn has appeared in many more films, starring in features such as The Postman, Rush Hour, Blast from the Past, The Hunted, Cheaper by the Dozen, After the Sunset and Abominable. Linn also played memorable roles in television shows. He had a recurring role in the military drama JAG, playing Russian agent Mark Falcon. More recently, he was cast in the crime drama CSI: Miami, as the hard-nosed homicide detective Frank Tripp. He also played guest roles in shows such as Walker, Texas Ranger, The Pretender, Profiler, Nash Bridges, 3rd Rock from the Sun and Saving Grace.

Place of Birth

Ochiltree County, Texas, USA

Birth Name

Rex Maynard Linn



Fun Facts

-Rex has said that his favorite episode from CSI: Miami is “Bait” (2×33). He also says the final scene in that episode was a mistake that turned out to be a good ending, it wasn’t supposed to end like that but it did because they ran out of film.

-Rex says that Det. Frank Tripp from CSI: Miami is his favorite character.

-He was 32yrs old bank vice president when he gave up being a banker to become an actor in the late 80’s.


2003-2010: CSI: Miami (TV series) – Detective Frank Tripp/Sgt. Frank Tripp/Det. Frank Tripp
2009: The Macabre World of Lavender Williams (short) – Sheriff Murdstone
2008: Trial by Fire (TV movie) – Chief
2008: Appaloosa – Clyde Stringer
2007: The Grand Ride of the Abernathy Boys (video short) – Narrator
2007: Saving Grace (TV series) – Wiley
2006: Abominable – Farmer Hoss
2006: Two Tickets to Paradise – Karl
2005: American Gun – Earl
2005: The Zodiac – Jim Martinez
2004: After the Sunset – Agent Kowalski
2003: Cheaper by the Dozen – Coach Bricker
2003: Dry Cycle – Jeddidah
2003: The Hunted – Powell
2003: Monte Walsh (TV movie) – Hat Henderson
2002: The Round and Round – Sheriff
2002: The Salton Sea – Detective Bookman
2001: Ghosts of Mars – Yared
2000-2001: The Fugitive (TV series) – Karl Vasick
2001: Crossfire Trail (TV movie) – Luke Taggart
1995-2000: JAG (TV series) – Maj. Mark ‘Falcon’ Sokol/Lt. Mark ‘Falcon’ Sokol/Submarine Skipper
2000: Profiler (TV series) – Agent Ellis Talbot
2000: The Pretender (TV series) – Agent Ellis Talbot
1999: Snoops (TV series)
1999: Y2K (TV movie) – Nuclear Plant Foreman
1999: Walker, Texas Ranger (TV series) – Lester Stahl/Sheriff Leland Stahl
1999: Instinct – Guard Alan
1999: A Murder on Shadow Mountain (TV movie) – Det. Bonney
1999: The Jack Bull (TV movie) – Shelby Dykes
1999: Blast from the Past – Dave
1998: Vengeance Unlimited (TV series) – J.J.
1998: Rush Hour – Agent Dan Whitney
1998: Black Cat Run (TV movie) – Sheriff Ben Bronte
1998: The Odd Couple II – JayJay
1997: Alone (TV movie) – Travis Floyd
1997: The Postman – Mercer
1996-1997: 3rd Rock from the Sun (TV series) – Chuck/Webber
1997: Nash Bridges (TV series)
1997: Breakdown – Sheriff Boyd
1997: Last Stand at Saber River (TV movie) – Bill Dancy
1996: Ghosts of Mississippi – Martin Scott
1996: The Long Kiss Goodnight – Man in Bed
1996: Tin Cup – Dewey
1996: Public Enemies (video) – Al Spencer
1995: Cutthroat Island – Mr. Blair
1995: Perfect Alibi – Bartender
1994: Drop Zone – Bobby
1994: Jack Reed: A Search for Justice (TV movie) – Dave
1994: Clear and Present Danger – Washington Detective
1994: Wyatt Earp – Frank McLaury
1994: Confessions: Two Faces of Evil (TV movie) – Gleason
1994: Iron Will – Joe McPherson
1994: The Adventures of Brisco County Jr. (TV series) – Mountain McClain
1994: Independence Day (short) – Next-Door Neighbor
1993: Cliffhanger – Richard Travers
1993: Raven (TV series)
1993: Sniper – Colonel
1992: Thunderheart – FBI Agent
1992: In the Line of Duty: Siege at Marion (TV movie) – Sheriff Ron Gray
1991: Doogie Howser, M.D. (TV series) – Billy
1991: The Gambler Returns: The Luck of the Draw (TV movie) – Henry
1991: FBI: The Untold Stories (TV series) – Christopher Wilder
1991: Northern Exposure (TV series) – Martin
1991: My Heroes Have Always Been Cowboys – Guest at Barbeque
1990: The Young Riders (TV series) – Sherriff
1989: Desperado: The Outlaw Wars (TV movie) – Logan (as Rex M. Linn)
1989: Night Game – Epps
1989: Oklahoma Passage (TV mini-series) – Quantrill
1989: The Bounty Hunter – Policeman #1
1988: Dark Before Dawn – Don Hayse
1988: Bonanza: The Next Generation (TV movie) – Cease
1986: Shadows on the Wall


6′ 4″ (1.93 m)


-Well, first I must say I love to cook. Growing up in Texas subjected me to a lot of outdoor cooking. Through the years I’ve been fortunate enough to meet and cook with many talented chefs.

-It still blows me away sometimes that somebody even wants to interview me or wants an autograph or a picture with me. I’m thinking, okay, well that’s cool, but I wonder why. Sometimes I have to remind myself.

-My goals right now are to not get complacent with my acting, and work on it as hard as I can, and just get to the next level.