Last week’s CSI: Miami was obviously all about the Calleigh (Emily Procter) and Delko (Adam Rodriguez) story.  Never mind the science; never mind that nitrogen whatever almost killed the murder suspect; never mind that the dart through Derek Powell’s (Sean Combs) fiance’s body looked like a bullet that didn’t quite exit the body.   In fact, never mind the fact that Powell still sounds like he’s rapping, albeit with more thoughtful words and a more spoken word vibe—although that’s just me.  And never mind that you can learn so many things with a tooth.  Calleigh and Delko have done it.

Then again, last week’s episode didn’t really center on that outright, which makes it a little bit “what the?” and a little bit “aww shucks”.  You can only see the concern on her face when things got very confusing for Delko.  Or, there’s my confusion when I started wondering about why, after seven seasons, this thing only came up now.  (Or, I couldn’t remember when it did.   But anyway.)  Something inside me says that this thing will last for quite a while—and won’t be in-the-face unlike other television romances, which is a good thing.  We took so long to imply something about Grissom and Sara over at Las Vegas, but when it happened, look where we floated.  That should be the case with this one, too.

So now I’m wondering about how this new relationship could come into play when things get tough.  Or, maybe, it’d melt in the background like it’s always been.  But that’s perhaps a case of me getting distracted by all those fascinating details about forensic evidence.  That always gets me.  Okay, I am a dork of sorts.  And I’m rambling.

Tonight’s CSI: Miami sees Horatio (David Caruso) deal with ex-girlfriend Julia (Elizabeth Berkley) again.   Now that we know she’s got bipolar disease—which is basically a harsh, harsh, haaarsh mood swing—he’s out to save his son from her.  As for the rest of the team, they find out something surprising about the victim of the murder they’re investigating—and, as you’ll be able to see from the slideshow below, it’s something you probably won’t get in advance.  Why would Tara (Megalyn Echikunwole) get hurt like that? Anyway…

CSI: Miami returns tonight from 10pm on CBS. Slideshow’s right there.

-Henrik Batallones, BuddyTV Staff Columnist
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Henrik Batallones

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