We recently reported that the fifth season of House might as well be the hottest yet as Lisa Edelstein, who stars as Lisa Cuddy on the Emmy nominated series, revealed that this season will see her character finally getting really intimate with Gregory House (Hugh Laurie).  More recently, Laurie and Edelstein sat down with Zap2It to talk about the details of this juicy tidbit and reveal some exciting facts about the fifth season of House.

“I wouldn’t want to ruin anything, but they’re definitely exploring the House-Cuddy relationship further,” Edelstein told Zap2It.  “And they manage to do it without losing that edgy dynamic that exists between them.  [Executive Producer] David Shore never writes in a straight line so it’s been a lot of fun.”

The series’ stars also recognize the fact that their loyal fanbase has been very passionate about the Huddy cause, which to them is very amusing, in a way.  In fact, Edelstein says that when it comes to the possibility of a romantic between House and Cuddy, the fans are very fervent and excited for developments to ensue.

As for her character’s storyline about her struggles regarding motherhood, Edelstein says, “That storyline continues this year.  The struggle continues.  There’s a lot of good Cuddy stuff coming up.  It’s been really interesting so far, I’m excited about it.”

On the other hand, Hugh Laurie tries to explain that his character displays a unique twist in the sense that he actually wants the people under him to succeed, despite him being so cold and distant.  He explained, “For all the enormous cruelty that he’s shown in all sorts of situations…he wants to test people and put them in difficult positions, but he’s never actually wanted them to fail.  Maybe he’s a big old softie who wants nothing but the best for his children.”

Additionally, Laurie says that “It would be impertinent of me to suggest that there are aspects of the character that exist that haven’t been considered by the writers.  All actors have to be sufficiently humbled to realize that it begins with what the writers conceive and provide you with.  And I think they would say there are layers to go, situations to put him in that will reveal anxiety and desires that he has.”

Laurie promises that the new season will delve more into House’s emotions as he “[deals] with his own loss: his loss of Wilson, the loss of a parent.  [He is] dealing with his own grief and what he thinks of grief, which shows [something] in him that surprises everyone, including House.”

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-Valerie Anne del Castillo, BuddyTV Staff Columnist
Source: Zap2It
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Valerie Del Castillo

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