FBI Agent Natalie Colfax is back to assist the BAU one more time. The 24 and NCIS alum is set to return to Criminal Minds in episode 15 of season 11. If that weren’t enough good news for you Criminal Minds fans, it looks like one former Pawnee resident is about to enter a game of cat-and-mouse with a certain special agent. Get all the details below.

The Return of Agent Natalie Colfax

Our favorite FBI agent is returning to the BAU. Actress Marisol Nichols confirmed that she would reprise her role as Natalie Colfax via Twitter. TVLine also confirmed that she would first return in episode 15 of season 11, airing February 10. Colfax will have to return when women are found dead inside their own homes throughout Los Angeles and the BAU suspects a person gaining each victim’s trust to be responsible. L.A.-based Agent Colfax will then have to team up with the BAU to help the team with their investigation.

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Aubrey Plaza Plays Cat-and-Mouse with Reid

According to TVLine, Aubrey Plaza will guest star in episode 11 of season 11 as a peculiar love interest of Reid. Plaza will play Cat, a girl who suddenly pulls a gun on Reid in the middle of a date. Their dinner turns into a battle of wits and things get even more interesting when Cat reveals that she knows Reid is an FBI agent and challenges him to think quickly in order to save himself and the rest of the restaurant patrons.

Criminal Minds season 11 returns on January 13, 2016.

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