A young man, Caleb, fears that friendship will be lost when his childhood buddy, David, marries. Caleb copies the murders of the infamous Zodiac killer in order to bring David back to their youth when they were obsessed with catching Zodiac, even murdering a young boy. The BAU team travels to San Francisco in an investigation that puts Reid at the forefront, as he is the one focused on decoding the killer’s communications and strategy. Meanwhile, Reid struggles with turning thirty, reflecting on not being where he thought he would be by that age. To cheer him up, the BAU team throws him a surprise party, showing their familial spirit. Here are the top 10 tweets about “True Genius.”

Recap: “True Genius”

#10. @BellaTSwagg

The new Criminal Minds episode was perfect. Best ending ever. <3 Reid’s birthday party … Rossi kissing him on the cheek. Aw (: #CriminalMinds

– I loved the style in which the ending was done. So much was said without dialogue.

#9. @__ErinO__

Tonight’s episode is killer (pardon the pun). Really very smart and clever #CriminalMinds

– It was not what I expected from a “Zodiac killer” episode, and that is great. It wasn’t a copy of a past event nor a simple copycat killer but a desperate man longing to return to a happier time in his own life.

#8. @Bettys4Seddie

… And that is exactly why I love Emily Prentiss #CriminalMinds

(After Prentiss helps Reid with the cipher.)

– Prentiss always seems to pull new skills out, whether languages or smarts or interpersonal relationships.

#7. @Huskyhistorian

We can’t take moonlit walks or hang out in parks alone anymore … #CriminalMinds #paranoid #iscared

– I’d suggest other locations, but I think Criminal Minds has had storylines just about everywhere.

#6. @Alishanaugler

I love Prentiss and Reid’s relationship; it’s pretty adorable in a brother and sister kind of way. #CriminalMinds

– I wish we got to see more of this type of relationships between the characters. The way their personalities mesh explains why they work so well as a team.

#5. @Meggoooooooo

Sorry American Idol but Reid’s on right now #CriminalMinds

– Not to start a fandom war, but … I’d have to go with Criminal Minds too.

#4. @SAEmilyHotchner

LOL Reid was so excited. “YOU LIKE MEMORIZING LISTS?” #CriminalMinds

– Who doesn’t? I mean, that’s what I do with my spare time, that’s abnormal?

#3. @Gwencanfly

Garcia makes me proud to be a woman. And someone who sits behind a computer all the time. #CriminalMinds

– Garcia does have a way of saving the day with minimal location changes. Though it’s always interesting to see her out of her element when she travels with the team.

#2. @Emhebert

So excited for #CriminalMinds! @GublerNation’s tweets have been causing a hype!

– That they did, and the episode surely lived up to the hype for his character. I enjoy when they focus on one character within an episode without distracting too much from the case of the week.

#1. @Garcia_BAU

Horoscope for SanFran: Evil in your midst heralds arrival of chocolately-scrumptious knight and his round table posse come to save the day.

– I can imagine Garcia saying exactly that. She has her own unique way of throwing words into sentences and they always come out in the most endearing terms.

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