It’s been 10 seasons since Bones premiered and we met the team at the Jeffersonian. Who can forget the first time we saw Dr. Temperance Brennan and FBI Agent Seeley Booth? The show has a strong and loyal fan base, and I would personally love for the show to continue for many seasons to come.

So why are Bones fans the best TV fans? I considered all the reasonable conclusions and have put together a list of my findings.

1. They Have Loyalty

Sure, other TV shows have strong followings, but Bones fans have followed the show as it has skipped across viewing nights and the FOX schedule. No matter where the show lands, the fans are there, ready and waiting.

bones-high-five.gif2.  They Embrace Their Inner Geek

Fans of the show make no apologies for enjoying Hodgins and the squints as they experiment and blow up things with joyful abandon.

hodgins-chucks.gif3.  They Have Strong Stomachs

Oh, the crazy and disgusting sites we have endured in the name of bringing a killer to justice. Remember the re-hydrated eye ball? Enough said!

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4.  They Accept that Situations Are Not Black and White

As much as Brennan would like everything to be cut and dry, fans accept that some situations are shaded in gray. A good example is Brennan resorting to blackmail to get Booth out of prison.

blackmail-bones.JPG5.  They Enjoy Weird Science

Bones fans like their science handled intelligently. They want to hear about the mold spore that only grows in one part of the country that was found behind the victim’s ear. Don’t dumb down the science – we can handle the “squint speak.”

brennan-tongue.gif6.  They Have Patience

Fans waited for what seemed like forever for Booth and Brennan to finally unite. When Brennan announced her pregnancy, fans celebrated.

pregnant-brennan.gif7.  Appreciation for Angela’s Artistic Spirit

The way that Angela is able to satisfy her creative art and combine that with science is awesome, and results in great evidence. Angela’s free spirit makes her the perfect bestie for Brennan.

angela-bff.gif8.  They Have a Passion for Discovering Secrets

And Bones doesn’t disappoint. Last season when Hodgins discovered that he had a secret brother suffering from a mental illness, everyone was shocked: especially Hodgins!

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9.  They Have a Deep Hate for the Show’s Villains

Whether it is Pelant, the nearly impossible to catch killer, or the Grave Digger, the show gives us some pretty nasty bad guys to hate, and the fans despise them and root for their complete destruction.

gravedigger.gif10.  They Enjoy Brennan and Booth’s Home Life

This couple has survived a lot, and the fact that they are together, and married, with their daughter Christine is a true gift to fans. The day to day moments of their lives are probably what the fans enjoy most.

home moments.gif11.  They Accept There Will be Heartbreak

When Dr. Sweets was killed off earlier in season 10, it was so traumatic for fans because we think of the whole team as a family. We grieved along with them and cursed the heavens because we, too, will miss Sweets.

sweets-death-bones.gif12.  They Know that Life Goes On

When Daisy gave birth to Sweets’ son, Seeley, it is a poignant and beautiful moment. Fans love the way that the show brings life around full circle and touches our hearts.

daisy-baby-bones.gif13.  They Welcome New Squinterns

Some are more lovable than others, but each squint has a unique personality and quirky style of their own. How can you help but love them?

squints.gif14.  They Aren’t Afraid of the Big Life Issues

Whether it is Booth’s devout Catholicism, or Brennan’s atheism, Bones doesn’t shy away from big topics, and we like that. It can’t all be guts and gore–the human struggle is part of what hooks us in.

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15.  They Love the Way It Tickles Our Funny Bone
Yes, pun intended! Fans love to see the humor that runs through the show, giving them a chuckle amid the gore, crime, and relationships.

bones-funny1.gifSo what do you think makes Bones fans the best on TV? Sound off in the comments below!

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