There has been much discussion among viewers and cast members whether Bachelor Nick Viall is there for the “right reasons.” So far in The Bachelor season 21 Nick has seemingly spent more time forming physical connections with the women and tolerating villain Corinne than building any real or emotional relationships. It really does seem like Nick is ignoring all the viable and eligible women in the season, but according to a recent interview with Entertainment Tonight (embedded below) that might not be the case. Nick’s top three picks fall in almost directly with most viewers’ picks. 

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ET caught up with Nick while he was filming his most recent date with Rachel in New Orleans. The filming actually happened months ago in October — so this is way before fans got their first look at the women and started to react to some of the ladies. Therefore there probably isn’t much influence between Nick’s answers and the public opinion of America. 

Nick was asked why it took so long to take Rachel on an one-one date after giving her the first impression rose. “Rachel’s been kind of the frontrunner since day one,” Nick explained. “So unfortunately for Rachel because I was so confident in her and my interest in her I kind of had to wait a little bit. From the very beginning she was just one of the ones who I could talk to, jive with, she’s so just in her element in any situation.” 

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Rachel isn’t the only girl that Nick is seriously considering. When asked for his top three ladies, at the time of filming, he answered, “Rachel, Danielle L. is someone who I’m very interested in from the very beginning. She’s very beautiful. And I think also Vanessa, Vanessa is also someone I’ve had an interest in, we have a really good chemistry.”

This lines up with a lot of viewers’ picks for the most eligible women this season. (Though personally I’d substitute Raven or Alexis for Danielle.) This seems to suggest that despite the story that has been presented so far on the show, Nick really is looking for a wife. At the very least, villain Corinne doesn’t look to be anywhere in Nick’s mind as a front-runner.  

To underline the idea of his willingness to commit Nick explained, “I want a woman who I can have some connection with, have great conversations with. I love the physical aspect of relationships but if you’re talking a relationship that lasts a lifetime you need to have that emotional and cerebral connection.” 

But what do you think? Do you buy Nick’s top three? Are those three women really his top contenders? Do you think one of them might win? Who do you think should win this season? Could one of these women end up being The Bachelorette

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